How to Bottle Feed a baby

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Essential Dad and Parent Skills 2-6: How to Bottle Feed a baby

Alright, so either the 6 months of breastfeeding is over, or you need to feed your baby with bottles before then. I’m pretty sure most dads can figure out where the food goes, but I don’t know how many know how to give it to them properly so they actually eat the whole portion.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, no one cries like a hungry baby.
Being able to prepare the correct food and give it to your newborn baby rapidly has a lot to do with how much they cry and scream. So you want to get good at it and you want to be fast.

00:00 – Preparing the food
02:45 – Feeding the baby
04:31 – Tips, Tricks and Cautions
06:05 – What to do if they stop eating early

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Or if you want the female side of things talk to my wife. She’s the smart one in the family. 😀


Patrick Bertlein says:

This fucking sucks, been trying for four days to get her use to a bottle. I
don’t want to force her, and I also don’t want her to starve.

Patrick Bertlein says:

and formula is nonsense, can’t take you seriously as a parent.

Jenna Maaay says:

This is adorable, but your not suppose to microwave bottles, it can cause
uneven heating. 

Jose Colman says:

It is not recommended to warm up the baby’s bottle in the microwave 

Francisco Mateo says:

Today I had learn something new. Thanks and hope to learn more from your

Mohammad Alam says:

cute as a button :)

Todd Smith says:

FYI to know in a few weeks

Morgynicole4677 says:

Is that a doctor browns bottle she’s using? If so could you please explain
to me how those work? I’m an expecting mother and your videos have helped
me a lot!

dburton210521 says:

I AM SOOOOO GLAD I HAVE FOUND YOU :) your a new god to me lol! my wife and
I are having a baby boy named Liam! due Aug 27th! im just doing some Home
work! Great vids!!!!

blackopschick32 says:

why do you call yourself the clueless father when you are no where nere

malibutropicsdoll says:

your an amazing dad!!! My husband is learning from you with our first baby!

cluelessfather says:

@davidkat100 HI David, Yeah you would be surprised how divisive the
breastfeeding vs. formula argument is. Worse than Mac vs PC. The truth is
quite simple: A baby needs nutrition and protein to survive. Whether a baby
receives it adequately from breastfeeding or bottle feeding is almost
irrelevant other than perhaps getting the initial colostrum from their
mother. The all important thing is a healthy happy baby and if they can’t
get it from mom’s breast, they still must get it.

ellie c says:

this was so cute and funny at the same time! aww!

Jun Xue says:


cluelessfather says:

@tytydamannnnnnn Thank you! It’s funny, I’ve kind of always suspected this
but I’ve never found any scientific statement. Do you know somewhere which
has this information so I can do a video highlighting it? Thank you
again!!! Ml, Dare

vidgirl4444 says:

You are an amazing father! I hope all fathers are like you :) Im reading a
lot about baby care ect. I do want to be a mommy someday!! Thanks so much
for your videos they are VERY HELPFUL!!!!!!

Jay R says:

dude, that was the best bottle feeding video I’ve seen on the web. Thanks
for all the info, tips, advice, demonstrations. The tips and advice are
really practical and useful.

cluelessfather says:

Hi Neil, Congratulations!!!! Get ready for one wild ride! If you have any
questions which you didn’t find answered in these vids, just let me know
and I’ll try to get you an answer rapidly! Best, Dare

dburton210521 says:

Great! i will check those out! thanks again!!

Jun Xue says:

or type in season 1 backyardigans songs Questing, Questing and then you
will see what backyardigans are

Megan Beiderwell says:

your actually not suppose to put bottle’s in the microwave cause it can
cause hot spots and burn your babies mouth. try boiling some water then put
the bottle in there until its warm.

cluelessfather says:

Dear D, It’s usually referred to as “colic.” But medical professionals will
tell you that they don’t know what causes it. I cover in my videos on the 6
reasons babies cry the main reasons I believe it happens. Your cousin is
talking about “Cry it out” method and it’s one of the more controversial
points of parenting but she’s mixing “colic” with sleep training in
answering you. I can’t really cover it in a youtube reply, but I do cover
it in depth on my wordpress Questions and Answers page.

cluelessfather says:

Thank you so much! Usually your pediatrician will tell you based off the
size of your baby. But you can pretty much expect that up until about 6
months they will drink 3-6 ounces at a go. After that it usually hits 8-9
ounces. But the truth is that they will drink until full and usually when
full they are ready for sleepytime! It’s more pronounced with
breastfeeding, our youngest couldn’t finish her feeding before falling
asleep every time! It was very cute. Best wishes to you and yours as well!

cluelessfather says:

Hi there! Thanks for the nice words! Congratulations on your first baby!!!
And I hope you’re having many fantastic moments! Best, Dare

cluelessfather says:

@Kurby2001 Thanks dude! Keep going man, I’ve checked your vids and now that
we’ve spoken a couple times I know you are on a tough journey. But don’t
forget to keep focused on the positive and that YOU WILL have your own
beautiful child in the near future. Don’t forget you are both YOUNG! It’s
not like you are 55 and childless, so don’t be so hard on yourselves. Stay
focused as a team and the love you have for each other and you will get

Nity's Kitchen says:

Where do you buy the NAN formula? I couldnt find it. Its very difficult to
change my baby from breast milk to formula, he doesnt like the taste of it,
and never gets a latch.. What do you suggest?

Aj D says:

I feel the same way man…Im actually gonna be a stay at home father when
my wife returns to work. I’m a pastor, so my schedule allows it and it
makes sense. What DOESN’T make sense is…I dunno..babies! I love my son
dearly but WOW can this be hard! I feel like I lack the instincts that my
wife has, the patience that she has and so many more things. But I’m in it
man!! So here I am youtubing!! LOL..thanks for the vids bro!

cluelessfather says:

@jrlee31 Dear JR, I just saw the video!!! CONGRATULATIONS to you and
Nong!!!!!! Give her a gold medal and a dozen dozen roses!!! She earned
them!!!! Put the video up on youtube!!! Have a great great great 2012!!!!
Best, Dare

cluelessfather says:

@blackopschick32 Alexandria Sophia! 😀

dburton210521 says:

i am not sure what it is called when a baby just crys and crys and
crys…but if a new born is like that what do you think one should do?? i
watched your vids on the crying…i have had a cousin who said just let
them cry untill the sleep no need for you to be there (which i kinda think
she is VERY WRONG) but her Daughter is just fine 3 years old now???

davidkat100 says:

You have a chance for real bonding with your daughter and many men don’t
get that luxury because the other forms of bonding the child will only see
you as someone to play with or has money. Where if you feed them right from
the start they will see you as more than a wallet and somebody to play with
they will want you when they are sick and need comfort or just feeling sad
as what happen to me and my dad

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