How to bottle feed a baby correctly

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Trayvon Jones says:

This could come in handy for me one day

Anthony Orion says:

test milk after you started feeding? Thumbs down.

Lisa Vachon says:

I do that with my baby it works so good

rachel kinnamon says:

I remember I sued to feed my son with a bottle and he used to just suck it
right up! he was a hungry lil shit

westcoastlovely says:

@MillymollysX It’s grammar, sweetie, not spelling. You don’t get those
helpful red lines when you mess up grammar; you learn that in school :)
You’re = you are, as in “you’re a noob”. And I know what it is, hon. I’m
sorry you’re so jealous of Americans, but you can’t be one – deal with it :)

Quarty says:

@MillymollysX “this is much different to a friends house” that made zero

WizBunny3 says:

@MillymollysX Pathetic. This is an informational video, not your playground
to trash other countries. I know your young and stupid so I’ll have to
inform you that cursing at people on the internet only makes you look
stupid, it wont win your argument, and it sure as hell does not make you
“cool”. Your 14, what the hell are you doing even watching baby videos?
Grow up.

westcoastlovely says:

@MillymollysX “Grammar”, not ‘grammer’. Educated people care, dear. And
your stats are wrong. America is high on the list, yes, but there are eight
other countries ahead of America. It’s not hard, sweetie, Google > obese
statistics by country, or hell just type in “fattest countries”. So, a
program you watched about America told you there’s a hot dog stand every
mile? lol. Oh and, there’s no such country called “Greace”.

TheRock2013 says:

The problem is when baby refuse the bottle

Maika Barry says:

I love Baby’s

Charlie Yap says:

@sickdude197 I think if you pull it out with all your strength, it’s going
to hurt the baby.

westcoastlovely says:

* Nope, not fat * You’re American * New account, yes; noob, no. I could
guess you’re from the UK. Your grammar tells us that and your weak attempt
at backlash by saying “you’re a noob”, lol. Ouch!

Peps1Lem0n says:

DOESN’T WORK !! TRY THIS /watch?v=z3jE7ZoTp-I

westcoastlovely says:

@MillymollysX I’ll help you. *English *doesn’t (not ‘don’t’) *hurray
*Americans *their You’re welcome :)

pearl6570 says:

See the biggest Threat to Parental Rights see on this site
Documentry……….Deconstructing America

FPRprogram says:

Thanks for posting these tips on how to feed a baby!

Cameron Fischer says:


westcoastlovely says:

@MillymollysX Didn’t see that red line under “jelouse”? It’s ‘Jealous’.
I’ve never actually seen a hot dog stand. You must be really obsessed if
you know such intricate details about America. And it’s awfully creepy that
you’re peeping through my windows (since you know what my lifestyle is, you
must be). I supposed you’re taking a crack at America’s obesity rates. What
most in the UK fails to recognize, is their obesity rates are very high too
(not far from America’s).

Dean Halpern says:

WTF? One minute the baby is crying and next sucking happily away at the
bottle! They edited out the most important part!

westcoastlovely says:

@MillymollysX Wow, 12 years old and calling people a “cunt”. So, where did
your opinion on America come from? Your parents? TV? Or have you actually
BEEN here? If you hate America so much, why do you watch “loads of
programs” on it? 63% of the UK is obese, do you know what that means? MOST
of your country is obese too.

Rose Pauline says:

Trust me, I was bottle feeding a baby today, and I couldn’t get the nipple
out of his mouth once he drank it all. I guess he was just having too much

lmg740105 says:

Bad advice. Google “paced feeding”

sirhephaestus says:

@boogilidoogili13 Okay, I will bet you i will not find it hard to use all
of my strength to pull it out.

westcoastlovely says:

@Blunder1248 Thank you, Blunder. But, I would in no way base an entire
country off of one person. I have met some very nice people from the UK.
And, I do believe they have it right in some areas that the US has it wrong
(i.e. circumcising). So, no worries, and thank you!

Quarty says:

@MillymollysX I don’t get it you say ur at a friends house and u cant ask
them to change it because u think thats impolite so if they are the ones
watching this then how come they are allowing u to say the things u are
saying on here seriously it makes zero sense to me

Rufus Feltham says:

@mateckz Holycrap I wasn’t expecting that here. I still have a lot of
respect for the restoration school, we need more healers in Skyrim.

Blunder1248 says:

@westcoastlovely Oh behalf of Britain I apologize about MillymollyX. You
have obviously crossed paths with someone we call a Chav… Chav =
Un-educated Un-employable Never Worked (Or only to get benefits) Just a
drain on the country and no real purpose in life other to annoy the police
and everyone around them.

westcoastlovely says:

@MillymollysX No sweetie, you said something negative about the country I
live in. You deserved a retort. You bad-talk America, yet you don’t even
have a clue what it’s like over here. That is very ignorant and immature.
Now you claim you were “forced” to watch those shows … yea right. I will
not argue with you anymore now that I know your age. I think your parents
should be ashamed and monitor you better on the computer. But, perhaps they
were the ones filling your head with lies.

westcoastlovely says:

@MillymollysX Yes, I know you said “grammer”, the correct spelling is
“grammar” (maybe it is you who can’t read and tell the difference between
the two?). So because there is a 240 lb dad here in America, that must mean
we’re all fat? Very logical of you. Here’s a tip, don’t get your info from
television; it’s called the “idiot box” for a reason. Third times a charm
on the spelling of Greece. Greece, hon, Greece.

boogilidoogili13 says:

@sickdude197 Actually it is surprising how strong their suction is and it
is kind of hard to take the bottle out by pulling. if you haven’t done it
before than how could you know better than someone who has?

sirhephaestus says:

Lol you may be surprised by the strength of his suction and may not be able
to release the bottle? Give me a break…

CatsoldierMan says:

The problem is when baby opens a vortex consuming the world

Strelok BM says:

Learn from HowToBasic Please

GingerMan512 says:


Lisa Neuman says:

Very intresting video. But can someone please explain to me why half of the
comments on this video are a disscusion between a preteen who is British
and a women who is from America? Seriously, this is a video about babies!
Leave your priviate convo, private!!! PM each other!

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