Brooke’s first cereal – how to feed a baby cereal

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Well it isn’t her first, she’s been practicing with grandma, but she’s definitely getting the hang of it!

Also see how Brooke’s brother learned to eat his cereal:


Johannea72 says:

How old is she in this video?

MegaMeganMassacre says:


thestarstarla a says:

shes an adorable baby and very pretty eyes:D<3

BreBreBear101 says:

Awe she’s pretty!!

Leela Gnanadason says:

So pretty baby…As a mother comforts her child,So will I comfort you;and
you will be comforted,” says the LORD.ISAIAH66:13)

lexiirose16 says:

i have literally never seen such a beautiful baby I mean, congrats. She’s

1stTimeMamaBear says:

Omg she is just adorable!!! (:

Mandi says:

My doctor said to introduce my son once in the mornings and fil the spoon
half way . Yu too seem to be over doing it. Poor kid prolly gets
constipated. Oh well to each thier own

Claudia H Babic says:

what a beautiful baby. Mine just had her first rice ceral last sunday. She
is 6 months

maiyerbunny says:

my baby is 5months and 4 weeks and the second day of feeding solids she
refuses to eat it. :-( it’s been two weeks and she still close her mouth
shut. :-( watching your video makes me sad.

17Crankhead says:

pretty baby.. i like her eyes…

MAGH MO says:

And very Delicious 😀

shdufault says:

She’s gorgeous. Beautiful eyes. This should be a baby food commercial ,
I’ve never seen a prettier little one. your cuz sheila

Mandi says:

Ive went a week with only morning feedings and now we have been doing
morning and one evening feeding. At 4 n half months old. He seems to be
enjoying the oatmeal now lol my first boy was pretty easy at learning to
eat off a spoon aswell

RareEmerauld86 says:

OMG That was cuteness overload to the max!!! totally made my day! I loved
watching that cute little baby eating <3 😀

Belen Sarmiento says:

aw that is so cute.. god bless. my baby is 5 month and he is starting to
eat too.

norma rivas says:

Shes so cute! And shes a great eater i wish my baby loved her cerial :)

cassiesmum says:

Get used to it mum and dad!! Those kids tend to grow at an alarming rate
and all you feel that you’re doing is shovelling food into a bottomless
pit! I call my kids ‘the locust kids’!! Lol.

Chris Thompson says:

She’s 4-6 months here, and she eats way more now :)

lipacinom says:

she is sweet!

Paromita Bose says:

gorgeous eyes !!!

Rhia Mercado says:

she’s so pretty baby!

Maggie K says:

she eats beautifully!!!

tran le says:

So cute

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