Breastfeeding wearing a baby ring sling. Tutorial how to breastfeed baby ring sling newborn

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How to breastfeed in a baby ring sling – breastfeeding newborn in ring sling – breastfeeding position
Bottega Bubamara tutorial video will teach you, in three quick steps, how to lay down your little one in a baby sling and breastfeed her. Your baby sling is practical and versatile so that you will be able to discretely breastfeed your baby.
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philip jason coloso says:

You make it look too easy. :(

mumofweeboys says:

Brilliant video. Off to buy a ring sling as I wasnt convinced you could bf
in one.

Patrica Marcum says:

For anyone having difficulty tightening your rings, make sure to pull the
fabric in the same direction that the area of it came from instead of
pulling down. It makes it a ton easier to tighten, if you noticed in the
video the lady had a bit of trouble.

motherhen82 says:

great video, thanks for making it, its so good to see a video using a real
baby and not a doll, also I never seen this position before so will be
trying it out myself, thanks again

mymothershelper says:

Thanks for making this video. I just bought my first ring sling in hopes
that it will be a good way to nurse hands free. I just washed mine and I am
not that sure how to put it back together.

The Life of a Homemaker says:

Love this! Thanks for making a video!

Trinity Hart says:

Thank you so much for sharing this video.

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