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Yvette Plouffe says:

Oinking……..LMAO……… that baby makes me laugh!!!!

Bella the homesteader says:

Haha love the snorting :P

Loni Ponce says:

brings back memories, my kids would get so frustrated i wish i would’ve
tried harder! :(

m mo says:

The absolute best part of being a mama. I loved watching my babies nurse
when they were little. Now im showing them how to be young ladies and about
what we go through as women. Oh they grow up too fast. Thank you, your
video was helpful in showing a mothers love for her little one. I didnt
want to just scare them with the birthing talk lol.

old n busted says:

From a mans point of view,,, feeding baby the breakfast bar, it s so
beautiful natural and u don’t need to carry bottles

sohail sattar says:

such a nice skin glowing so preety you are

Veegee D says:

Very cute and touchy…I hav 6 weeks baby he also does the same way….

Llailya76 says:

He is growing up to fast!!!! I swear babies are born more alert then
before. I don’t remember my kids being so alert and active so soon. Anyone
else feel the same with their kids, or friends kids/babies?

A White says:

My daughter does the sammmme thing! lol!

Mama Cabbage says:

Aviv makes funny sounds. lol

omfug says:

Aviv was getting milk drunk at the end, LOL. 

Kelly Jackson says:

Nat you are such an amazing inspiration to me I too loved the experience
and bonding I had and still have with my son he is Five now and I breastfed
him as long as I could which he was 10 months old and I tried so very hard
to keep my supply going but working 12 hour shifts and people these days
are not very understanding when it comes to taking breaks when you have to
pump !!! I was put in such a position at work because no one really
understood why I got more breaks than others it breaks my heart that I
could not keep going and This time around I am 36 weeks pregnant tomorrow
and I am determined to breastfeed longer than just 10 months!! I have
followed you and your videos throughout your whole pregnancy with Aviv and
you are such a beautiful loving and caring mother you have the patience of
the lord himself and I can tell your boys will all turnout to be fantastic
fathers and family men!! I can’t explain the dreams I have had throughout
this pregnancy about bonding with my unborn baby girl through
breastfeeding!! It makes me feel warm and emotional and actually I have
woke up with leakage lol from those dreams because it is such a strong bond
and love between a mother and child!! Keep up the great video’s!! It is a
woman like you strong and not ashamed what so ever to advocate for breast
feeding and making new mothers out there realize how natural and beautiful
a bond like that is !!! From my Family to yours We love you and your family
so so much!!!

Anna Michelle says:

Omg. So cute. Oh, imagine waking up to that beautiful face. ❤️

bnc sunny says:

wow so cute.. and u r really gorgeous dear

Romancy Geddan says:

oh ohhhh, that was very beautiful,, thank you 

Vik Tik says:

LOL. all your channel is on breastfeeding.

luneder lun says:

sweet mamma cabage

Amjad Tamimi says:

You are so

Susan S. Boer says:

So cute! Thank you for sharing =)

reigne aday says:

I love breastfeeding when i was a baby

chrisbabygirl07 says:

so sweet!

Joe Nenna says:


Hunter Brunner says:

Aww adorable

Tonya Edwards says:

He is a cutie

Caroline Collado says:


Sheri Espinosa says:


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