Infant Baby Care Tips : How to Change a Diaper

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To change a baby’s diaper, gather all the supplies on a blanket, slide the clean diaper underneath the baby, take off the old diaper, wipe the baby, and put on the new diaper. Make sure the new diaper is not too tight on the baby’s stomach with insight from the mother of three young children in this free video on parenting.

Expert: Erica Goms
Bio: Erica Goms has mothered three children that are currently five and under. She has extensive knowledge in raising and taking care of these wonderful children.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton


wonderall100 says:

Keep my little balls covered please!

Sphinal says:

watch the babys mouth it barfs

feffecrazy says:

Thank you! This helped just now, Had to babysit for 30 minutes but it
turned into a couple of hours and i had no idea what to do.

kksmith681 says:

Me and my husband are so scared! We are expecting twins and all i can do is
watch these “how to videos”. It makes me feel like we are not ready to be

pcworld88 says:

I jst came here cuz i like babies

mightybfool C says:

2 year olds can do that without a tutorial

Zu'u Alduin says:

ima teen baby and it takes my gf 20 seconds to change me XD

wonderall100 says:

Let the Nanny change the shitty mess!

lucas Emanuel de souza ferreira says:

you the an baby is mother mother is baby an changer diapers

GlamourCheck57 says:

@LegoSafety You don’t have to wipe the baby if it’s not a messy diaper.

Martin19950926 says:

He has 2 diapers what the thing he have before diaper? Shorts?

Mariusz Perkowski says:

how stupid do u have to be to not know how to change a diaper.

peopleandanimalslovm says:

Aww cute baby

Kate Zmija says:

Umm…plz don’t show anyone cover it up more

maryray10 says:


Hypernerdwithcam says:

“Hi america” Well, Im not an american so I should maybee leave….

Monica30900 says:

Baby sitting a 6 week old baby tonight have been watching videos all day

Bibi Mohamed says:

5 years old can change a diaper you are not the only one who does,,,,,

danielletracyann says:

Uuum ewwww you should wipe whether messy or not, that’s gross Lego person
is right

DonnaCaffrey says:

Wellstart is the best software for babycare advice.

xLoveeMolly says:

I am just about to start baby sitting. I really hope I’m good. I love
helping others so I hope Ill be just as good. (:

webkinzlover5862 says:

lol in the beginning hes like “WOE!!!!WHO R U?!!?!?” lol

vickmakesmesick says:

I’m watching this to get ahead in my babysitting class next month! :)

Darc Entity says:

@ThEbAnDPeRrY01 well were not learning how to change dippers were learning
how to change daipers

allygatorr15 says:

its not gunna be a complete video and show you how to wipe and everything
cause there are SICK disgusting people in this world.. and i would never in
a billion years show my baby’s “parts” on youtube. I cant believe you would
even want those shown…. its common sence how to wipe a baby. and if you
really dont know.. get a book from a library. simple as that.

airasweetie says:

@frogysocute i am nice, i said it was a cute and healthy baby and that´s
more important than knowing if it´s a boy or a girl. besides i´m not a
christian so you can apply those thoughts on yoursel, don´t forget that
you´re a believer and not a knower in your faith!

sousou1234mwah says:

Wtf she didnt even wipe the baby!!

Julia Pakula says:

I don’t think that thats a new born baby… And I came here for a newborn

ShortStuff2187 says:

The title clearly states ‘infant’, not newborn. Try reading titles so
you’re not disappointed in the future.

Jessica Norris says:

thanks cause I want to go into child care I

vbluvr99 says:

thanks!! that is a lot of help for me because im babysitting an infant soon

stephievly says:

simple and easy even for father!

jollymissholly1 says:

i love these videos im only14 and i cant to have kids

LegoSafety says:

wipe *if needed*???

Mindraker1 says:

Gee uh let’s leave out the important part, like HOW TO FUCKING CHANGE THE

ThePod4g says:

My babies giant shlong doesn’t fit in the diaper. What should I do?

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