How to Change Your Newborn Girl’s Diaper

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Baby care expert Laura Tichler shows you how to change your newborn girl’s diaper.


Cynthia Greene says:

It doesn’t looked like you wiped her good. Why does the baby have discharge
coming out of her? Does that happen with all girl babies? Mother to be in
February. First baby. Thanks IA. 

angelcake04 says:

why is their a window right there

veryfungamesawsome says:

What a cute baby! I love babies because they are so adorable.

Blaze The Ruthless says:

Y’all are getting mad at kohackoo for master baring to this -_- it’s called
a fetish

Dan Piddington says:

Be sure to use a germicidal hand sanitizer after handling soiled diapers.

Leah Hollingworth says:

She looked sore on her private parts awww she is sooo cute tho 

alice zsido says:

@kelly itd not ugly! All babies are cute

Auriana Smith says:

I would be scared to give a newborn baby a bath but I am only eleven but I
change cousins. U need to learn HOW TO HANDLE AND NEWBORN if that was my
little boy I would not put him in your arms

atticus847 says:

I’m watching this because I’m a new brother so I need to know how to change

nanoux hunter says:

The baby is still dirty 

t0fast says:

It seems that the majority of people leaving comments were in diapers
themselves not too long ago… 

Traci K says:

Good advice.

reborndaxtynjonas says:

you didnt even clean her privates!

ania79s says:

fastest diaper change I’ve seen, not necessarily the greatest tho; what
about a nappy free time? give the baby a moment, they really like it

Alyssa Gonzalez says:

Say Bum Its better than butt

nadege innocent says:

@konackoo yo what the fuck is wrong with you that a baby and you taking
about masturbating becuz of her private parts

candis Henry says:

Wow dude your gross how can u say this about a baby. Your sick in the head

soccerjulia19 says:

She is so adorable!

Loom nastics says:

1st comment!

Supersoccerchic says:

It’s the same thing. You don’t control the world. The only time I’ve ever
heard bum is from people in England, this is America.

Melani Hagans-Morris says:

She could have atleast picked the baby up and soothed her. That uneased me 

kohackoo oochiha says:

So sexy u showed all the babys parts im masterbateing right now at it

Giselle Duarte says:
Yvonne Reilly says:

what a sick bastard saying you are going to masterbate to a newborn

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