How to Change Your Newborn Boy’s Diaper

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Baby care expert Laura Tichler shows you how to change your newborn boy’s diaper.


majid mislim says:

I’m just watching parenting videos for the future

Guardian Mn says:

very helpful information thank u very much:)

HelloLily15 says:

What’s a circumcision

Rajesh Valluri says:

Thank you so much for posting. We have been making a mistake in strapping
it across, now we know the right way to do it

altargirl89 says:

what a cute baby

51aguilar says:

I’m 17 and taking care of my 3 month old sister for the day. Thanks for the
vid! :) says:

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alijoification says:

Armpit poo lol

Aynur Engin says:

When changing a baby boy you always should tuck his penis downward so that
when he does pee…his pee stays in the diaper and not all over him!

david Snyder says:


Jessica Davis says:

I love how you knew not to try to retract his foreskin to clean under it.
So many people think you need to retract a young boy to clean him, but that
is not only incorrect but also very damaging to the boy as it causes pain,
bleeding, infection, etc. so good for you for knowing how to properly care
for his intact penis and for respecting his right to genital integrity. 

atticus847 says:

Marvelanimeilover says:

the thing is, when changing any gender of a baby, always have the clean
diper under the dirty one while changing.That can prevent axidents from
going where they shouldn’t go.

Pollardo612 says:

This is great and all, but Charlie isn’t crying and freaking out and
kicking, and covered in pee, and peeing while it’s all going down. Can
someone direct me to a video with a less docile little one?

Karim Hatem says:

Ugh too bad

Fareeya Mohammed says:

very informative I shall remember this when I’m changing my newborn’s

DuBosey05 says:

excellent! You didnt try to retract the foreskin. Lucky, lucky boy! THANK

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