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– Start cleaning your baby’s bottom with some gauze and warm water.
– Dry your baby’s bottom very well
– Apply some diaper rash cream.
– Make sure to direct your baby’s penis downward and press on it with the diaper to prevent wetting his clothes.
– You must frequently check your baby’s diaper to prevent a nappy rash
– You might see some blood and white discharge coming from the vaginal area in your baby girl’s diaper. This is normal and simply due to hormones passed from the mom to the baby during the pregnancy.


Shan Kino says:

if i have a boy i prefer circumcision when he is about in 5th grade.. well
here in the Philippines its a perfect bonding time for boys. I want him to
experience that. 

mustafa ahmed says:

besides when your fucking, (if you ever do) your most likely not, and your
probably masturbating inside your own foreskin. good luck with stds,
because i hope you get it and get your dick amuptated. HA HA HA btw who the
fuck uses soap to clean their dick? are you like fucking stupid? i don’t
even think your guy.

lisambofoh says:

Many women in Egypt and Indonesia are happy being circumcised too. Does
that make it okay to do to female babies?

Debutante24 says:

LOL @ his little buttcheeks! So cute!

American Eagle 79 says:


NusaybahBintKa3b says:

@ the crybabies, if u dont want to circumcise ur sons then do what u please
u have no right to tell anyone what to do with their child. Most men are
circumcised and they are perfectly fine. So u can take ur judgemental
attitudes and shove it.

mustafa ahmed says:


American Eagle 79 says:

Yall are idiots thinking a diaper is a nappy. Only thing nappy is ya hair!

AlHajjMalik01 says:

Sis. Actually…most men in the west are NOT circumcised. I know from 1st
hand experience. Unfortunately, there are men that get circumcised at a
much older age. I know a man who’s 45, and he just recently got circumcised
after making his Shahadah. But Alhamdulillah…better late than never.

Caelan Lanning says:

wow you should just back offf …. hes a baby he cant help it perv.

mustafa ahmed says:

BTW dumb ass female genital mutilation is amputation not circumcision, this
involves removal of the clitoris, its like removing the glands, male
circumcision only removes the outer foreskin and retains the inner
foreskin. The clitoris is homogeneous to the glands of the penis. You cant
compare it. make circumcision firstly looks better and cleaner, and women
can feel the head without it being covered by your foreskin in which case
you are masturbating inside your own foreskin.

mustafa ahmed says:

i was circumcised as a adult you dumb fuck, i have felt both sides and they
are both exactly the same sensations, why do you think they give pudental
nerve blockage? PN nerves controls the sexuals feelings, besides the outer
foreskin is removed during circumssion and inner foreskin retained and the
frenlum also retained, the only difference is it looks, better, and it
smells, better, no matter how much you clean your dick cheese it will
always smell,

radasha barksdale says:

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berdie88able says:

Whoa thats just cruel……piece of shit parents for mutilating his

Sam Leishman says:

Dude… Why is his penis black

Caelan Lanning says:

its a hurnia its what a baby gets when it is first born it goes away in a
couple of months soo smart

BestEverAdvice says:

Anteater is such a lame insult fail. Men in Africa try and insult intact
women by saying “meat curtains”. It is so juvenile and sad. I see your
avatar is a wolf. Well cut dicks look like their were chewed on by dogs so
LOL at your stupid ass. If circumcision was a good thing the whole world
would do it and women would need it everywhere too.

mustafa ahmed says:

penile sensitivity , aka sexual sensitivity is controlled by the pudental
nerve, through the dorsal nerve, thats why when you get circumcision or
other penis surgical matter you get pn nerve blockage this blocks your
genitals, by the glands dont lose senisitvity, this is bullshit, it gets
dry due to keratin, aka smegma in uncut men. Once you lube your dick it its
exactly the same lube is the main thing.

Kennethoneal10 says:

What is on his belly botton

Ben Winkie says:

Good to see his Mum/Mom had him circumcised.

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