How to change diaper on a baby

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Baby’s aren’t as cool as you think – trust me, my sister had 2 when she was 17. They can’t drive cars or tell dirty jokes. Here’s a tip on how to change a diaper if you ever do get in this situation.


pie460 says:

now I know what it takes to be a father

mrstone56 says:

“What is that, lemonade?”

Amabo Kcarab says:

Two faggots trying to act redneck. wtf

jettan says:

it’s spelled “Voila” dumbass.

Lucas Ellis says:


larryshere says:

YAYAYAY NEW VIDS! lol tht shit is finger lickin goodness from KFC lol nah
its chocolate aint it….or is it? lol shake it up you cruel ppl XD hahhah
its real piss!! hahaha lolololol know thts worth waiting for!!! wooo dang

MaceyAndCo says:

lmfao. you guys are amazing XD

steveedwardsskk says:

lmfao! i love this guy..

vivian robinson says:


ninjapiratefromspace says:


ProAbortionFetus says:

Hahahaha. YES. I’m so psyched you guys are making videos again. Comedic
geniuses. LOVE IT.

babekates12 says:

if u shake the baby u will fucking kill it u fool no wonder skittle fizz me
on facebook pretty blonde would never fucking date u good suck ass bitch

Sam Robinson says:

So funny poor baby annabelle.

SerasXHarkonnen says:


huggzzz22 says:


Nellie K. Adaba says:

That’ s cute and funny!

Nellie K. Adaba says:

That’s a dirty South joke.

Sylvie De Bruyne says:


itsupe1 says:


emarskineel says:

“i read somewhere they poo like….20 times their weight” HAHAHAH

The Otaku Hipster says:

@cocomano ur the idiot cuz u cant tell when a video is meant to be serious,
or make you laugh

Aaron Jacobs says:

Oh my god dude…so funny! xD

eskimoguy says:

You cant be serious…

sally1111100 says:

This is disturbing .

eskimoguy says:


rifleman795 says:

We need more dang

nicole mitchell says:

I read somewhere they pee like 20 times their weight… in gold…. LOL!

Cinatas666 says:

I don’t think this video is serious…

Sviolinist says:

lollercoaster. “This isn’t a real baby… but if it were… same
technique.” Fucking lawl.

cocomano says:

What an idiot and what a waste of my time!

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