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Dressing babies, especially a squirmy baby, can be a challenge for new parents. Watch for tips on how to change your baby’s clothes!
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Hello, hello!

When you have a new baby, you’ll be changing their clothes a lot because they spit up, poop, and pee a lot on their clothes despite your best efforts to contain everything in their diaper! You’ll become an expert at changing your baby’s clothes super quickly! In this video, I will give you a step-by-step guide on putting on newborn baby pajamas that snap up in the front!

How to dress a newborn

For me, my first used to scream when I changed him. I think it was cold and he hated having his clothes taken off. My husband and I would stand there side-by-side, a baby clothes-changing team! When Marc went off to work, I had to fend for myself with this fussy little guy. He would start crying, my blood pressure would rise…And that’s how I learned to get pretty quick at figuring out how to change his clothes so fast!

Keep watching for more on why I believe the best clothing for new babies is front-snap pajamas and how you can easily get even the fussiest baby into these!

What strategy did you use for dressing babies? Do you agree with me that the front-snap pajama is the way to go when dealing with a squirmy baby? Share your stories below and thanks for watching!

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sharonpoetry says:

What would I do without u! U are a god send!

Grace Underwood says:

She seems to like it

Katie Janes says:

and try to make her understand that she has to get dressed to be warm and
cozy you gotta talk to your baby from a young age then when she gets to a
year old or so she will want to learn to dress her self and learn things
alot better i find

CloudMom says:

You are right! Distraction is the KEY!

CloudMom says:

True, good for tummy time!

CloudMom says:

Zippers are also great. I found with a lot of the newborn clothes that they
are more likely to have buttons or snaps, but if you can find ones with
zippers those are super easy.

xKnightOwlx says:

zippers are so much easier! lol

salkoo says:

It’s actually not a bad thing to put your baby on his/her tummy. This will
help them develop and it is good for their digestion.

CloudMom says:


CloudMom says:

sounds like an amazing baby!

Lynne Cirillo says:

Distract her it really works

Katie Janes says:

this video will help me alot my daughter is very squirmy its difficult to
put anything on her with out her kicking and turning on her stomach so what
i do is i just make her stand up on her legs when she is about 4 months
cause she bin trying to walk since she was 3 months old and very strong to
stand on her legs she gets dressed alot better when she standing than when
she is laying on her back or her stomach or what ill do is ill play with
her for bit like tickle her and talk to her

michyluvsBnE says:

cute baby 😀

Tim Green says:

Lol that’s not a squirmy baby

CloudMom says:

You are right!

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