How to Change a Diaper on a Baby

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Changing a diaper can look daunting, but if you learn the basic you’ll be a pro in no time. Watch & discover more videos on becoming a better parent:


SiSi R says:

That is not a baby, that is a KID! Potty Train him!

softball pro says:

He needs potty training

bingobongo445 says:

He is way to big to still be in diapers.

Andrea Dobi says:

He should be potty trained by now.

Tigre Dias says:

Lol I had to come back to this vid it cracks me up that he is like more
than half the size of me :P

Adrianna Rangel says:

Babies are cute, pooping machines

Tigre Dias says:

Considered potty training

pjordan347 says:

He needs to be potty trained

MrPman851 says:

@MissClavelle, I know it’s not sexual. I just wanted to know for curiousity.

Phillip Parry says:

Dude is that thing like 2 years old? Do you change your teenagers as well?

MissClavelle says:

@MrPman851 Yeah

Gabriella Cruz says:

@mrpman851 is the “delecates” his peanut? I’m just asking!!!

lettyavi18 says:

Potty trained.!!!!!!

MrPman851 says:

Doesn’t wiping a baby with the diaper tickle their delicates? A diaper is
more ticklish than a soft wipe.

MissClavelle says:

@MrPman851 Only if you go very slowly and lightly. If you do it quick and
go a little bit harder it won’t tickle. Plus who cares if it tickles their
“delicates”? It is not sexual in any way at all and they do not think
anything of it

MrPman851 says:

Could be.

MissClavelle says:

@mileycyrus1fan1000 He looks about 2 or 3

kari talberg says:

Thats not a naby

margar97 says:

how old is he?

Paige Croquet says:

That ain’t no baby! That’s and adolescent. Disgusting!

Ellie Gore says:

Or at least use pull ups so u no there getting potty trained

Miss Tammy Williams says:

its a toddler/baby

ShortStuff2187 says:

NEVER put the clean diaper under the dirty diaper, especially if the
baby/toddler is old enough to roll around or sit on the floor!! The germs
from the old diaper will transfer onto the inside of the new diaper and can
cause infections in the baby’s genitals. Just keep the fresh diaper handy
next to the baby (or, let him/her play with it until you need it; this
keeps them entertained and less likely to roll around), and slip it under
the baby’s bum as soon as you pull the soiled diaper out.

mileycyrus1fan1000 says:

how old is your son

Mary Sialer says:

He is to ok’d for dipers

Ellie Gore says:

OMG He’s old he needs to be poty trained by now

ModernMomReviews says:

Come and check out how to change a babys diaper from a mom of 5’s

Lizzie Marker says:

Very nice video, you are very delicate with you childs bum.

MissClavelle says:

@margar97 He looks about 2 or 3

USAUglyStupidAholes says:

Ugly monkey

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