How to Change a Cloth Diaper

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Cloth diapers have come a long way, baby: Pins are passe, and there’s now countless styles to choose from. Here’s the most popular: a cotton diaper with a separate cover.

Never turn your back or walk away when your baby is on the changing table, even if she’s strapped down or not old enough to roll over.

Step 1: Gather supplies
Make sure you have all your supplies within easy reach. Once you start changing your baby, you won’t be able to go off in search of wipes.

Step 2: Prepare diaper
With your baby in a safe place like her crib, for example, prepare the diaper. First, lay it out with the short ends at the top and bottom. Fold the bottom of the diaper up to make it roughly as long as the diaper cover.

Step 3: Fold diaper
Fold the right third of the diaper over the middle third, then fold the left third of the diaper over that. Put it aside, but within reach, and get your baby.

Take a few minutes when your baby’s sleeping or entertaining herself to fold the stack of diapers ahead of time, so all you have to do is slip one into a cover.

Step 4: Unfasten cover
Lay your baby on the changing table or a safe surface and unfasten the diaper cover she’s already wearing. Open it out, and bring the front part down, but don’t remove it.

Step 5: Fold soiled diaper
Leaving the cover in place, fold the soiled diaper in half, clean side up. You’ll have to lift up your baby’s bottom a bit to do this.

Step 6: Clean bottom
Using as many wipes as necessary, gently clean your baby’s bottom, being sure to wipe from front to back. Be thorough, so there’s no mess left hidden.

Little boys have been known to pee as soon as their diaper comes off. To avoid a soaking, lay a changing cloth over him as soon as possible.

Step 7: Slide out dirty diaper
Slide the dirty diaper out from under your baby. If the diaper cover is clean, leave it in place and slip the fresh, folded one inside. If the cover is soiled, use a new one.

Step 8: Apply cream
If your baby’s bottom is red or rash-prone, spread a generous amount of diaper cream on the area.

Studies show that babies in cloth diapers develop rashes more frequently than those who wear disposables. If your baby is one of them, try switching to disposables.

Step 9: Fasten cover
Fold the front of the cover, with the clean diaper inside, up and over your baby’s belly and fasten it.

Step 10: Put clothes on
Put your baby’s clothes back on, or dress her in a fresh outfit if needed.

Step 11: Discard & wash
Flush away whatever you can, put the dirty diaper into the diaper pail or hamper, and thoroughly wash your hands or wipe them clean with a fresh wipe before giving your baby a post-diaper-change cuddle.

Did You Know?
Babies in Elizabethan times could wait as many as four days before getting a diaper change. Only royalty did so daily.


Anna Mazzarisi says:

This is completely inaccurate! Babies in disposables pose a more risk for
rashes than cloth. Disposables contain CHEMICALS! NEVER USE RASH CREAM WITH
ZINC OXIDE on a cloth diapered baby. Zinc Oxide can ruin cloth diapers.
Look for cloth diaper safe rash creams. Bag Balm, Coconut oil or CJ’s
BUTTer cream are great and healthier for baby’s skin. Who made this video?
This video needs to be re-done. I feel bad for new cloth diapered mom’s who
are actually following this advice!

Kristen Mock says:

98% of this tutorial is inaccurate.

Babies are more prone to diaper rash with disposables to chemicals and
bleaching during the manufacturing of disposables. The diaper rash cream
mentioned is not cloth diaper friendly. Not to mention she put the diaper
on wrong!!! She has it backwards.
The velcro (aplix) goes in the front.

Daniel De La Torre says:

HowCast should make a video with this mom, this baby, the baby from how to
burp a baby and the baby from how to a baby a bottle 3 babies in 1 video
now that would be really cute. Does anyone agree?

myacuratl says:


Mary Rodio says:

This is a pretty bad tutorial. “Try disposables if your baby has frequent
rash from cloth diapers” Way to bash what you’re trying to promote, and
with incorrect information. Cloth rarely gives a diaper rash, that is one
of the perks for using cloth. That diaper rash cream will destroy the
absorbency as well. The prefold she was using but it looked thin as paper,
they were not a good representation at all. I would have liked it better if
she was using cloth wipes as well.

Jen Thompson says:

Lets see how many things can she do wrong?? A gdiaper cover with no linner.
A un-prepped PF will leak for sure. Pockets like Bungenius are as popular
as PF and covers and much easier. They go on and off JUST like a sposie.
Babies in cloth get FEWER rashes not more!! That’s why there’s no need for
creams that will coat a cloth diaper preventing it from absorbing.

Melissa Corradi says:

Please do thorough research before posting “how-to” videos on the internet.
This is how people get horrible advice! Cloth diapering causes LESS diapers
rashes. You also can not use zinc oxide creams in a cloth diaper unless you
don’t want anything absorbed in them. Also, the cloth diaper system that
you used has a plastic snap in liner than you failed to insert into the
cover. Please consider researching this topic and trying again!

tara37830 says:

I find the only time a baby get diaper rash with cloth, is if they sit in
it for a long time, and same with throw away diapers too. If you change
them quickly and was a wipe even on pee, there should be rash outbreaks.
but i only baby sit babies, and its what i have found out from babysitting
for years and seeing the same kid every day for months.

HoneymoonBaby09 says:

This video is useless…you should NEVER use a zing based diaper cream, it
will make your diaper less absorbent. And, they make it look so so so
difficult to change a prefold, it is NOT that cumbersome, and is even
easier if you use a diaper service quality prefold. Do these people even
know anything about cloth diapers??

Sherry Inman says:

THIS VIDEO IS LIES!! they get fewer rashes!! DONT use cream in the diapers
that ruins them… who made this stupid video.. was lookin at cute designs
and how to’s for more reference came across this thought it would help…
made me wanna throw my laptop Ive never heard so many lies in one short
video -_-

RR(^.^)RR says:


SumnerRain says:

Was this made by a disposable diaper company to promote failure? I will
take my cloth diaper advice from this video, as soon as I take
breastfeeding advice from formula companies. Pffft.

armyfamily103 says:

You need to update your information. Talk to some moms who cloth diaper and
you will find out that most of what is in this video is false. BTW- cloth
diapers cause FEWER rashes… not more.

autumnyaar says:

Try smartipants, they are a one size diaper that uses snaps.

xXxScareFactoryxXx says:

I want to use cloth dipers and it didn’t look to hard to get them ready
it’s just steps that make it look confusing and such, but i wouldnt use
cream with a cloth diper.

Mari Naomi Lim Cruz says:

how could i download?

Imp Tycoon says:

I have a son which uses cloth diapers.Sure,its a real pain in the ass to
change diapers,but this is too much work,this video i mean then.

XpeanutttX says:

That baby… is ridiculously adorable 😀 -3-3

StarleePie47 says:

Aww! Cue little girl!

MicahsMommi says:

Do not do anything this video says. This is NOT the proper way to cloth
diaper at all! So many errors and untrue statements

airasweetie says:

@bobo3064 what´s disgusting about changing a diaper? i find it more
disgusting to not change and let the baby have a mess in the diaper. grow
up !

Snoozapalooza45 says:

wow. the related videos in order are: how to apply blush, how to tell your
boyfriend he is a bed kisser, and how to calm a newborn. howcast never
ceases to amaze me.

LauriesTubin says:

thats crap. most infant rashes are caused by the chlorine in the diapers.
its a known skin irritant. you should specify not get chlorine free
diapers… because parent seeing this will just be switching from one rash
to another.

Heather Robuck says:

What study:? I have used cloth for 6.5 years and NEVER had a rash…

bobo3064 says:


animalboydie says:

People switch to cloth because disposables cause rashes, and dont let the
skin breath. If that bit about rashed and cloth is actually from a study,
it was probably a study funded by the sposie companies.

LauriesTubin says:

im pretty sure pampers paid for this commercial making cloth diapering look
SOOO complicated. gag. something is wrong with this whole thing.

amandav86 says:

I hope everyone reads the comments before believing anything in this video.
I’m ttc and going to cloth diaper when I finally have a baby, so I’ve been
doing tons of research. I also noticed the prefolds weren’t prepped.

ArcticTern says:

DON’T use diaper rash creams as some one else mentioned! There are many
other options. This video is ridiculous. There are a ton of cloth diapering
forums where mommies will give you one on one help if you need it.

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