How to change a baby’s diaper/nappy

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oleg kolomoets says:

com on on my dance video chennel !!! you video is very nice!!!

Manu Rathore says:

Ur baby is tooo cute

Genevieve Mustafa says:

lol no worries… it was a surprise to be honest… i was expecting just

ilovebobandjillian says:

i could tell by your reaction buddy LOL

ModernMomReviews says:

Come and check out how to change a babys diaper from a mom of 5’s

dieheadredsoxfan says:

Race is Chang Little Matt Baby Diaper

Selena Bryant says:

she and her daughter is pretty is she indian

ilovebobandjillian says:

“oh and it looks like she has made a pooh …… so thats a good 1” LOL i
laughed i don’t know why i found it so funny , SORRY

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