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Watch for how to change a baby’s diaper and some of my diaper changing tips!
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Hello Mamas (and Dads!)

Everyone’s favorite parenting activity! When you’ve got a newbie, you’re pretty much on a feed, poop, change diaper, and repeat kind of schedule. This video will show you everything you need to know about diaper changing!

How to Change a Diaper

You could be changing up to 10 diapers a day, so you’ll quickly become an expert on the newborn diaper change! I know, I know, we thought we’d amount to more than this poop patrol, but sadly it’s a fact of life and a rite of passage for all new parents. I’ve had baby boys pee all over me, baby girls poop on me, and everything in between. This video will share my best diaper-changing tips for swiftly changing a diaper!

What are the best tricks when it comes to this important skill of changing baby’s diapers? Please share and thanks so much for watching!

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Michelle Castillo says:

+Melissa Lawrence I have a question My daughter is 11 months now and I
wanted to know if you have a video that shows how to deal with changing a
diaper on a squirmy baby. As soon as I lay my daughter down to change her
diaper she starts crying, and quickly does a roll over I lay her back down
and she is still unhappy. Is there a video on this subject? And your videos
are so helpful it’s been my baby care guide while my prenancy and after.
Thank you.

Ethan Marhefky says:

Babysitting my niece for the first time. Woulda put it on backwards if it
wasn’t for this 

alexsquared02 says:

Just found out I’m pregnant and my husband has WAY more experience with
babies than I do haha thanks for the video!

Jakob chapman says:

We’re do do get baby’s from

Joseph lopez says:

thanks you helped me a lot.

Ethan Marhefky says:

Babysitting my niece for the first time. Woulda put it on backwards if it
wasn’t for this 

aesteria says:

wiggle worm baby – so cute! :)

Mari G says:

+CloudMom never thought to put the new diaper under the old… great tip!

totalmusiclover74 says:

I’m gonna be babysitting my niece soon so phew thanks for that

Jpm King says:

Hey white car doesnt this look fun. Hahahaha too bad your daddi jeff dentin
is a dumbass and raised you to be a retriever ahahahaah hey hey go get boat
and a motorcycle. Thats a good boi yes you are

Eric David says:

Thank you so much for this video. I’ve never done this before and will be

angel cruz says:

thanks for sharing 

David Wokojance says:

Why does it ALWAYS have to be directed towards moms? I’m on here because
I’m about to babysit my niece this evening, and I’ve never changed a diaper
before. Shall I go elsewhere to learn how to do it? Oh wait, ALL videos
are directed towards mothers… Sexism exists BOTH ways.

Yvette Figueroa says:

Ive never tried pointing the baby boys penis downword

Emma Naylor says:

Oh I like you!!! 

ProBeans says:

My fiance asked me if I know how to change a diaper today and now I do!
I’ve never heard of diaper cream though. Is that like baby powder?

majjavirgo says:

Thanks lol i just woke up with a dream that i am not able to change my
baby’s (due) diaper so i thought i should learn if i miss some knowledge or
tricks n it was well worth it watching your video :)

Giselle Duarte says:
Orlando Florida says:

The first time I changed one a van ambulance rushed to my house and I went
to to hospital for 3 hours!

Angie Nappaaluk says:

too easy for me:)

NoheaLani Mommy says:

I’ve changed hundreds of diapers, but I’ve never used diaper cream. My
husband and I are expecting our first child in a few months. How will we
know when to use diaper cream? Thanks! Love your videos!!

CloudMom says:

my dr said downward…

CloudMom says:

I think you are supposed to make sure there isn’t muck stuck in there, but
not in a way that should damage the skin…

uberllolloll says:

What exactly do you mean by wiping between the folds for a baby girl? When
I had a baby girl I wipee over her vagina area I did not intrude between
her folds because it was not necessary to stretch her new baby vagina. She
never had any problems/infection…after all she only peed from the area. I
am asking because my brother has a new baby girl and I think he and his
wife wipe to deeply in the folds as you put it of their new 1 week baby

CloudMom says:

She is on a Chux Changing Pad…one of my must-have baby items! They are
absolutely indispensable.

CloudMom says:

Love your name, where are you from?

inuyashadaioh9 says:

Googling “babysitting jobs” should yield a lot of results if you actually
search for it. There are many different sites that acts as a hub for
babysitters and people who are searching for babysitters. Just search.

CloudMom says:

Thanks for watching Mr Pro Dad!

CloudMom says:

are you a parent?

Canadaheather says:

Wow, thanks for this. I know that closer to our due date, my husband and I
will be watching this lots. Cute baby btw :)

мфндів таихееея says:


zExplosiveTv says:

Going to be a teen dad soon

CloudMom says:

Or maybe you will do some babysitting?

Marie Saito says:

because a baby’s butt is only a bodypart until you sexualize it. hint:
don’t do that

beverlinumana says:

Why you putting the babies bare but on here -,- this isn’t porn -,-

light487 says:

How do you decide whether to use diaper cream? is it because it is dry
skin? rash developing? what?

andrew willis says:


CloudMom says:

They really do! I had three boys so I got used to this — then I had my two
girls and it was such a relief to not have to deal with it. Good luck with
your baby!

Summer Savary says:

How do u play with ur newborn

CloudMom says:

Do you have alot of support? YOu will need that — are you able to continue
your studies?

Eva Byers says:

Downward. You also point them downward inside the new diaper.

Drika Ricci says:

hahahaha i wish i’d found you before i had my boy 7 weeks ago!! They do pee
all over every single time…

Aleksi Kokkonen says:


tong rungpanarat says:

.. i leanred that we suppose to put the boys thingie upward so they wont be
hurt .. and ur saying its actually downward? so which one is it actually?

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