Fatherhood – Howto Change Baby’s Diaper

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How to change baby’s diaper.

Most of the items we use are disposable, such as diapers and wipes.

We felt that all brands of diapers did a good job keeping in leaks. When a diaper did leak, it was most likely due to us not putting it on properly. I would suggest getting the least expensive diaper and change frequently, like once every 2 or 3 hours.

Costco diapers are a great bargain at 14 cents per diaper. If you have coupons, I found that Target sold diapers at a good price too. Target diapers came out to be roughly 18 cents per diaper.

We use a contour changing pad. On it, we would always have a diaper liner. Above the liner would be a sheet of paper tower. This is just in case I didn’t keep our son’s but raised high enough and it smudges the cloth, I rather it smudges on the tower than the liner. This way, I wouldn’t have to keep changing the liner. I change the power tower at every diaper change and change the diaper liner once a day.

Boppy Diaper Liner: http://amzn.to/QklVhn

I would always keep a kleenex over our son’s penis. This contains the open air accidents to a small area and the diaper liner does a good job absorbing his pee.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to post it in the comments below.

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Laura Augustine says:

Your video was more useful than all the others I’ve watched. Finally got
some good advice. Thanks!

mintrev says:

I see like you like to waste your money on disposables just so you feel
‘clean’ and as well as wasting paper resources for your own kid.

fanandualum says:

Its not cute its wonderfull and its a little pancake!

fanandualum says:

Oh and im a girl

losttinnthoughtt says:

your little boy is so sweet. nice to see a father so dedicated. you’re an
awesome daddy :)

AwkwardHamster says:

@jbhatersaremyfriends Thank you for the compliment!

AwkwardHamster says:

We considered using cloth diapers but the cleaning cost was too high. And
if I hire a cleaning service, their prices are even higher and the lowest
price one meant they take away the diaper once a week.

jbhatersaremyfriends says:

U r a great dad!!!!!

AwkwardHamster says:

Congratulations! And thanks for watching!

AwkwardHamster says:

Thanks for watching!

David Stein says:

Very helpful, thanks!

AwkwardHamster says:

thanks for watching

Issac Boyd says:

I am a first time dad and having my son coming in January is a shocker and
an amazing gift u did an amazing job telling this 23 year old first time
dad how to be prepared and what to do I tho have a question for you so the
sensitive butt part u use the spray bottle where and how again thanks I
hope u respond I would greatly appreciate it

AwkwardHamster says:

Thank you!

jbjn8285 says:

Your mind set is similar to mine and really enjoyed the information. Your
son is very handsome and played his part well. Thanks for posting

Mishari2012 says:

Thank u for the tips!! Enjoyed ur vid! Ur son is cute! I will definitely
utilize some of ur techniques when my first baby is born in 6 weeks! Also a
baby boy! I like the Kleenex idea!!

AwkwardHamster says:

Thank you for the kind words!

AwkwardHamster says:

@losttinnthoughtt Thank you!

TypeSly says:

Dude, you’re awesome! Thank you.

AwkwardHamster says:

First, congratulations. The hospital gave my wife a spray bottle for
herself. We kept the bottle after leaving the hospital. After my baby
pooped & there were two of us home. One would hold the child over the sink,
the other will use that spray bottle to rinse the poop away. Afterward, we
use a soft facial tissue to dry the area. Marcus’s skin was sensitive in
the early months. We felt wiping would irritate it more. I don’t know any
parents who did this. This went on for 3 months or so.

Briley Smith says:

@7:08 he spit up


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