Diaper Change 101: How to Change a Diaper

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Diaper Change 101: How to Change a Diaper

Every experienced parent knows how important selecting the right diaper is to your baby’s comfort. One experienced mom discusses her favorite tips and tricks on everything you’ll need to know about changing diapers.

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usra a. says:

i have to babysit a 2 month old.. so nervous lol this helped a lot

thewolfjake says:

Lmao dirty diaper

Jéno Coletrane says:

Very helpful, first time dad in the house drop off in June bout to rock
this whole fatherhood thang

Twilly :) says:

Thanks! This helped, i was scared :o

Abbye Erickson says:

Why is she talking to me like I am baby?

Philipp Baldwin says:

T-6 1/2 months :)

Sonia Mack says:


Geovanny Ruiz says:

T-7 weeks :O 

rli421 says:

Very helpful.

priidik karu says:

i didnt understand how to do it ? can you show me on the woman ?

Barbara Lee says:

Lot of work

Yaritza Bushell says:

these videos are so helpful! my baby cousin is going to be born soon and im
going to baby sit him and that means changing diapers. Im so excited yet so
nervous for his arrival <3 Thanks for all these videos !

Uthayakumary Tharmalingam says:


fred90502 says:


Dunks MOG says:


Baby_Niah_And Mum says:

That helped me thanks

wrcam says:

I am 32 years old and I am about to change my 1st diaper. This evening I
was asked to babysit my 18 month old nephew. Here I go!!

Lizzy Mary says:

my boyfriend is about to be doing this 3 weeks!

zExplosiveTv says:

Going to be a dad soon

Howdini says:

Thanks for watching! 😉

Cheader87 says:

im here because her mom left me in charge thank you

daniellandgrens says:

I will never have kids because of this part. The rest is np :)

Gracie Duson says:

I’m 14 and babysitting a 9th month old tonight for 5 hours. Kinda nervous…

Howdini says:

Congratulations! Glad that you are finding this helpful! Thanks for
watching! 😉

Yuum345 says:

Im babysitting my cousin i hate doing this it’s so gross & his poop smells
so bad every time i change his diaper i gag :&

xxChristieeexx says:

Thanks! Hopefully I can use these tips tonight when I babysit my new
neighbors. I’m 19, and I’ve never had to change a diaper before! Thank you
for this helpful video! :)

yoya ahmed says:

can i use water while changing a diaper ?

Madatude14 says:

This was very helpful! I am babysitting for a family tomorrow for the first
time, and their kid is still in diapers:/ I was a little nervous but this
video helped a ton, thank you!!:)

Howdini says:

Thank you so much for watching and for taking the time to comment! 😉

Howdini says:

Thanks for watching and for sharing! 😉

randomxzombie says:

I’m a new mom, my baby is a week old today.. Still getting the hang of
changing her lol. This video was really helpful, thank you so much! My
daughter has a habit of peeing right when I go to change her though lol.

Howdini says:

So sorry….it is part of the job.

Howdini says:

So glad that you found this helpful! Thanks for watching! 😉

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