Changing my Silicone Baby’s Diaper!

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Celeste Roman says:

he is so cute were did you get him

Stellas Mom says:

what do you spray his hair with..? can you use whatever you use on the hair
the same as on vinyl reborns with rooted hair???

roetaylor22 says:

I am saving money for a vinyl silicone reborn now! These videos make me so
excited. I can’t wait until I get my reborn!

Sidney Strong says:

I love your videos people who hate are just idiots

Piper Reeves says:

I love your videos

Cecelia Grace says:

He is adorable and I love you and your video’s thanks again for the video’s

Maggie Reborns says:

Ps I loved the video

Maggie Reborns says:

You have a sweet silicone baby and I like how your not scared to act
realistic with him because people who put hate comments are haters and they
wouldn’t have the guts to do it

Brea Griffith says:

He is so cute 

Megan Chambers says:

He is the cutest

Gizle Santillan says:

Awww he’s sooo cute 3!!

Antoinette Marie says:

i wanted one of those dolls since the 5th grade. i;m in 10th grade now. i
thought i was the only one. lol

rebecca bird says:

i love the way you take good care of him, im getting precious melissa
mccrory, shes in lay away, im excited…love your videos, becca

dsnylndgrl says:

I’m getting my first silicone second reborn in February and thanks I did
not know they took full pacifiers 

Antoinette Marie says:

no they dont, but u can pretend.

alfonso alvarez says:

Where did you get him he is so cute

WeLoveReborns101 says:

Awww thank you! <3

WeLoveReborns101 says:

Thank you! <3

Mari Diz Oi says:

Oi,sou do Brasil e adoro seus vídeos,especialmente os do Oliver :)..Você é
muito criativa e amorosa,continue assim! Abraços! (translates from English
to better understand)

sophie ollier says:

Do they actually poop

lovelykelcie says:

Where dud you get him from plz respond

Sylvia Garcia says:

You my dear, are a living doll… I loved the video:-) ♥

MLeeD85 says:

He’s such a cutie!!

WeLoveReborns101 says:

Thank you!! <3 Yep they are just sad ignorant people! Thanks for the
comment <3

WeLoveReborns101 says:

Thank you! and I’m sorry :/ It really sucks when people judge us so harshly
especially people that are supposed to be close to us.

melgarbaby1 says:

he is cute and don’t let anyones words hurt you how did you make the poop
lol that was cool

imsmexilicious says:

where did u get him he is so cute

Garlicgirl19 says:

Does he really poop

Briley Smith says:

ollie is cute with his hair up,down,or all around

BudgieLuvsLulu says:

I am 42 and just getting into reborns. I have always loved dolls and babies
so reborns are perfect hobby for me. I really enjoy your videos :)

mariana araujo says:

Where did you buy your babies reborns ??

Natalie Sofia says:

You rock

lamia battle says:

I’m in love with ollie

WeLoveReborns101 says:

Awww thank you so much!! <3 It’s so refreshing seeing comments like this I
love it! <3 <3 I totally agree you are never too old for dolls! :)

WeLoveReborns101 says:

Thank you Auntie! <3

Emma Quigley says:

Where did you get him

Taytay Fairley says:

I like ur vids but this is my frist time wachting

LuvMyBoys says:

Just so you know I’m 48 and I have re borns. A ton of women do. I think
it’s wonderful that you and other young ladies enjoy them also. It’s
healthy and normal to want to nurture babies. I’m sure your parents would
rather you be at home safe, playing with your re borns than out getting
into bad situations etc. You are NEVER too old to have dolls in your life.
Men get to play with cars and trains, boats and planes…. and no one gives
them crap so you kids KEEP PLAYING and enjoy yourselves!!

WeLoveReborns101 says:


katelynbacon03 says:

Thank you! You are amazing also! Keep doing your videos I love oliver! Who
cares what the haters say there just gonna hate! But love the video and
love u but not in a weird way :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Chantel Green says:

i love all of your babys can you please respond

Doreen Johnson says:

Love your videos and young Ollie tell him cousin Jordyn says hello

righteious mccall says:


steve bussacca says:

What is his kit ? Is he sold out PLZ RESPOND !

Isabel waithe says:

how many inches is he and what size diper dose he wear ?

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