Changing a Newborn’s Diaper

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It can be scary for a new parent to change a diaper for the first time. Here are some tips and advice on how to properly change a newborn’s diaper. For more info:


sukhil gowda says:

Even my mom also do dis for my lit sis 

fred90502 says:

How do you clean the bottom

fred90502 says:

Soo cute

Deb Jackson says:

Thx 2 nd niece but I was 5 for the first one

omania100 says:

Very informative thank u.

Quetta Rose says:

aww shes so cute!

Yelitza Torres says:

aww shes so cute

casperboi69 says:

You would clean it normal after a few weeks it comes off. I had my son
almost 12 years ago and had no problems cleaning it. I’m now pregnant with
a little girl and due in 11 weeks.

dominique jenkins says:

Omg thank you! Im so scared to change diapers. Now i know what to do, Im
ready for it :)

Mistylyn Frugone says:

one thing both me and my husband are nervous about is if we have a son, how
do we change his circumcision dressing and avoid it getting urine in it? I
don’t find out the gender of my baby until October 2, so I am asking early.

21centuryg says:

I can’t wait to have a daughter

pebs cove says:

Pardon me; but when you wiped her with the nappy and the wipe. why did you
not also wipe the white mucus off her privates????? tyvm great video tymv
very helpfull.

drhploveboat says:

uh, the hospital?

NintendoAddictFreak says:

@Rykerfrancis ewww, u r nasty!

NintendoAddictFreak says:

Awwww, she’s so cute! What is her name?

21centuryg says:

If I want to have children, where should I go?

242 Apes says:

this was peferct info and video for a friend who is first time parent… i
hope he saves to his phone and plays it tableside as he does his first
change :)

242 Apes says:


L Carter says:

you’re sick

The Birthing Channel says:

We hope it helped your friend .. I was scared the first time changing a
diaper too.

rykerfrancis says:

i never seen a black vigina before untill now

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