Best Diaper Changing Technique for Newborns to Reduce Colic

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***UPDATE Great review on; includes some good additional information for moms with smaller hands, special instructions for intact boys, and suggestions for changing surfaces.***
Almost every parent changes their newborn with the double leg-lift technique, which looks convenient but might not be right for your baby. The roll technique, especially with newborns until they start crawling, may be a better option. Dr. John Edwards from Mama’s Chiropractic Clinic demonstrates the technique and explains why. Filmed at the Great Cloth Diaper Change in Estero, FL. Mama’s Chiropractic is a family practice with a special focus on the needs of expecting moms and children. Dr. Edwards is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association.
ADDRESSING COMMENTS & QUESTIONS ABOUT COLIC: I usually see a few reasons why a baby has colic in my office. This video is intended to show parents of newborns a technique they can do to reduce one of those factors- repetitive stress to the spine where the nerves for the intestines come out. For more information on chiropractic and colic check out these articles: AND


Fety Mann says:

+Julie Suriel You didn’t listen. The adjustment is the cure, not the
changing technique, that’s the prevention. Anything else could have thrown
your one colicky son’s spine out of alignment, not just changing.

saywhich1 says:

Best Diaper Changing Technique for Newborns to Re…:

Jessica Peck says:

I wish I had been taught this prior to becoming a mother. This diaper
changing technique makes a lot of sense.

Tina Davidson says:

So this guy’s technique might prevent colic, but his wiping technique is
going to cause UTIs. Front to back sir 

Michael Sobotta says:

So the position of a baby in the womb, where they spend months with their
feet around their ears, is that also “pulling on the nerve root that
supplies the gut”? Your practices have no anatomical, physiological or
developmental basis. This is pure quackery

Elizabeth Bradshaw says:

3 babies of my own and 8 grandchildren later I learn this invaluable tip!

Mother's Own says:

Best Diaper Changing Technique for Newborns to Reduce Colic

Cheryl Copelin says:

I washed my babies bottoms in the sink with soap and water. Prevents diaper

Doc Edwards says:

I’m just starting to read about EC, I don’t have enough information on it
yet. My typical recommendation is to not put infants in positions they
can’t get in or out of by themselves. If she has good head control during
tummy time, I would probably be more likely to recommend holding her in a
squat than seated on the potty. I’ve found gas at 7 wks can come from a
variety of issues (from jaw misalignment to what mom is eating) but it’s a
sign something’s not right. Find an ICPA doc near you.

NaturalMama85 says:

Interesting. I may try this with my next baby.

Mandy Knight says:

Loving the lovelace BG!!! And thank you for this video! Due with #3 in June
and will most certainly try this!

oah419 says:

I love the BG diaper :) I can’t believe I would have never thought about
this as I contorted my colicky daughter’s body the second she left the
chiro. It seems like an no brainer! Thank you for sharing this. Can’t wait
to try it.

Lia Joy Rundle says:


LaMissa1 says:

This would probably help to stop my baby’s spit up, wouldn’t it? It would
probably also help keep her spine in place so we don’t have to visit our
chiro so often too, which would be nice. Thanks for the video! I’ll have to
try this! :)

Julie Suriel says:

Take this with a grain of salt – he is, after all, a chiropractor. If a
baby is colicky, that diaper change will not affect him/her! One of my sons
was colicky, the other wasn’t. Didn’t have thing one to do with how their
diaper was changed. But it did get better with sleep techniques and
swaddling. Just saying.

Doc Edwards says:

Sorry to read that about your daughter- if you haven’t found a chiropractor
in your area, check the link above. Good question, by the way: All of the
things you’re describing happen at the hip, where the thigh meets the
pelvis, and doesn’t cause a problem. When we lift both legs during a diaper
change, the bending is occurring at the spine.

GreenMommyDiapers says:

Simple, easy, effective and what a cute diaper! I <3 the Lovelace print!

Doc Edwards says:

That’s great news about #4, what an exciting time. Sorry to hear about your
LO, colic is the one of the top 5 reasons parents bring their kids in to
see us. Hopefully this bit of information helps. It just makes so much
sense once you hear it! Cloth diapers rock, these were lent to me at the
Great Cloth Diaper Exchange, courtesy of EcoBaby.

Doc Edwards says:

My typical recommendation is to not put infants in positions they can’t get
in or out of by themselves. I’m not clear about your son’s age, but if he’s
able to pull himself to sitting and roll himself out of that position when
uncomfortable, then what you’re describing makes some sense. It sounds like
you’re supporting him from behind, which is great. I’m not sure what you
mean by “folded,” because this could be occurring at the trunk or the hip
joint. Hip is ok, trunk isn’t.

Lia Joy Rundle says:

Are you familiar with EC (elimination communication) and would you have a
recommendation for positioning baby over a potty? I’m wondering if holding
baby in a seated/squat position while pottying would cause a similar issue.
we practice EC. My 7wk old baby is far from colicy, but I am looking to
reduce some issues with gas she is having. I’ll be using your suggestion
when we diaper :)

Monkey Records says:

Damn – wish I’d seen this about 16 months ago when our son was born. Will
know better next time thanks! I’m sharing it with my friend who is an
Osteopath and often treats babies but he probably knows this stuff

Amandapixie23 says:

Try doing the roll technique when Crap is everywhere. Up back…all over
their sides…down their legs….

yamaha4759 says:

wowi knew it make sense.. never watched this video and i’ve been doing this
technique for a while now.. my baby is almost five months now.. started
doing this when she was 3 months..

Roxy222uk says:

This is very interesting. May I ask about using the potty with babies not
yet crawling? With our second baby we discovered how easy this was and we
would hold him over the potty, which was between our thighs, with his back
leaning against our body and our hands under his thighs. This ‘folded’ him
into a position that prompted him to wee/poo. He was very supported, but
would you say this was doing the same thing to his spine? Thank you.

eshack80 says:

Our daughter is wearing us super thin with her Colic. I can’t wait to try
this!!!! I’m hoping it works, we have tried EVERYTHING else!!!

Doc Edwards says:

LOL yes, not easy with blow-outs, but I can’t see lifting them back into
their own poop is any more effective… best to just turn on the diaper
sprayer at that point, right?

sazzdog says:

The bj diaper? :-)

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