Basic Baby Care : How to Change a Baby’s Diaper

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Change a baby’s diaper by lifting up the baby’s bottom to release the soiled diaper, wiping the baby clean and then putting on a new diaper. For the first week, use a soft cloth and water to change the diaper of a baby with instructions from the parent of a 2 year old in this free video on parenting.

Expert: Windy St.George
Bio: Windy St.George is the parent of a happy, healthy 2 year old.
Filmmaker: Sam Lee


cick44 says:

thanks i found this very helpful for when i babysit

Feferi Pexies says:

LOL I didn’t know that it was a doll until 0:25 =P

iluvmunkiz says:

LOL Same! Haha

emeraldmorn says:

you’re cool Wendy :) I watched some of your other vids when my bb was
newborn and they were informative. confidence builders. I don’t know why
I’m watching this vid now though, cause I’ve changed hundreds of diapers by
now lol

Kayleigh Ostasiewski says:

at the end she picked the doll up y one foot i waz like well thank god it
was a doll!! lol

michaela helson says:

u dont pick a baby up like u did and def not with 1 hand!!!!

speth12 says:

thank you

OLdSchool661 says:

shes a pro. this is too hard for me T_T

eHow says:

@emeraldmorn – Glad to hear. Please give us your thoughts on other baby
help videos you would like to see!

Diana Buckley says:

Do not lift one leg at a time. Always keep leg lifting symmetrical. To be
honest, having seen this woman’s advice on several topics, I wouldn’t let
her near a baby.

barat50cal says:

where are the gloves you must wear gloves when you change a dirty diaper

berrysncream121 says:

Thanks! That’s very helpful for babysitting!

Alvin Hsu says:

At first I thought the baby was dead!

Talamare2k4 says:


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