20 month old trying to change her 5 month old baby sisters diaper!!

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432mag says:

So cute how the 20 month old was imitating you, what a good big sister!

ariana ayala says:

your daughters are beautiful 

Robert MacBride says:

Fucking turn onmmm got me hard

Mik M says:

So cute

christina tinachris says:

gawjuss babys

margiemo1 says:

Thank You!!! Yes, she did. My daughters names are Giuliana and Isabella


Man that is SOOOO CUTE!

margiemo1 says:

I think the green + means like and the – red means dislike…

tigrisx23 says:

um why are positive comments so many thumbs down, and negatives or neutrals
thumbs up… whats going on here?

LadyLizard86 says:

hahaha, I love how the 5 month old is looking at the camera like “I made a
stinky” My 20 month old is still in diapers but she always wants to change
baby’s diapers and put diapers on her baby dolls. I disagree with others
who say that if she wants to change her diaper she should be potty trained.
Wanting to do the same thing “Mommy” does is normal for this age, it
doesn’t mean they have control over their urge to go yet.

Sportfjv says:

hahahaha the kissing the little baby part was the best! It’s great to see
some sibling love around here, congrats on your babies, they’re both lovely!

vita104 says:

awww cute!

n f says:

lol, that’s cute…my daughter is three and i caught her changing her three
m old bro. diaper while I was fixing her breakfast.lol

SamanthaPwnsAll says:


chriscougar86 says:

that works well. the biggest challenge is to take them both to the store or
on outings.

MultiSweetness10 says:

so sweet! …;)

margiemo1 says:

Yes, It’s hard but, you get use to it. My girls are now 2 1/2 and 15
months.. It’s still challenging but, my husband and I do it.. You guys will
be fine..

Zahrahourani18 says:

this is so cutee!

Alexis Boudreau says:

They are the cutest

ThePencil234 says:

@karejimenez ur mean the mom WAS standing there shes holding the camra.

cuteboot23 says:

Cute kids

Dalia Reymundo says:

Hahaa cute baby

realmjYANAgirl says:

Babies are so precious. I want to have my kids close in age as well. :)

kellieroberts95 says:

aww the little baby is so cute and the older one is really smart, did the
little one poop? what are their names?

margiemo1 says:

Thank You!!! It’s very hard in the beginning… But, you’ll get use to it.
Just let your older one help you out so, she doesn’t get jealous… Ask the
older one to get the diaper, wipes.. simple things like that..

YumYumBubbleGumm3 says:

Thats Adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rokia Mohd says:

cute 2 baby girl….like my baby…

Liz Cop says:

When I thought baby doll…I thought doll, not baby! LOL jk. Cute

JAMBER Zoe says:

yeah.. poor baby -_-


awww. so cute. i’m only fifteen but my cousin showed me this vid. she is 19
and has a baby girl herself. her baby looks like your youngest daughter and
she wanted to see this video. she sent it to me and i think it’s really
adorable. both your children are very cute and i hope they grow up to get
along with eachother.

s.lutgerink@gmail.com says:

it is so cute!!!!!!!!!

b5person says:

20 month old and five month old must be a handful, but cute !

rockloverstar says:

they are both so cute..children ar a bliss..

WickedAngel says:

A baby trying to change a diaper, unique video! lol Your little girls are
soooo cute!!

William Moyer says:


Shameka Hagigal says:

they are so cute

jodiek69 says:

your babys are beatifull there going to be stunners you so lucky

hspva says:

@0:55 looks like she is choking the baby lol “i’ll get you.. i was the baby
until you came along” lol

Melike Pelister says:

They’re so cute! :)

Jimmy Gerding says:

did the both babys have a wet diaper or a poopy diaper?

Emily55545554 says:

That’s so cute but the 20 month old baby is hurting the 5 month old baby

Rn93535 says:

nice vid was it hard raising them at first because my wife is pregnant and
we already have a 10 month child that means when the baby comes we will
have a 20 month year old and a new born….cute kids!

margiemo1 says:

Thank You!!!

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