1-13a1 Changing a Baby’s Diaper Part 1

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cluelessfather says:

Dear Lorna, Thanks! Glad you liked it! Best of luck on your course! Best,

Kurby2001 says:

You are developing a GUT my friend 😛

msmsloveme1 says:

You know how to change a diaper mom having a baby on the way very helpful

cluelessfather says:

:) Thanks. It happens dude. My daughter is two 1/2 months old in these
videos. Nowadays she just about tears the house down when it comes to
diaper changes. However I have found that distractions such as shiny
objects (keys), musical toys and pretty much anything to distract them is
very helpful. The most helpful thing is: Speed. Change the diaper as fast
as possible. :) I have it down to about 15-20 seconds. Otherwise make sure
the butt wipes are warm and the room isn’t cold! Best, Dare

Laura Nadeau says:

This is great – I am going to use it as part of my online babysitter
training course – it is great that it is a male and that you are talking
with your baby! Thank you for posting this video!

cluelessfather says:

Congratulations! That’s wonderful news! When is the baby due? Best, Dare

elizabeth loveheart says:

Your daughter is just adorable, and very good at keeping quiet. How do I
keep my 8 month old daughter from crying from diaper changes? I have tried
talking to her like ” Hey honey, your doing great” and she just looks at me
like “get off of me , stop!” any suggestions??

cluelessfather says:

Hahahaha! As one of my best friends said “Dude, you traded your six pack
for a party ball.” I tell everyone else if I didn’t have it that when my
daughter does the flying leap into the bed onto my stomach it would rupture
my spleen. So it’s protective! 😀

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