Secured High Back Carry (SHBC) with 10 months old baby. wrap: Didymos Lisa, size 5

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DiabloPaulo says:

Newborn back carry

Marlon Rangel says:

great job you make it look so easy…i’m going to practice :-)

foldizsuzsa1 says:

@TheOligos i’m happy to read it helps you :).

zabbygrl says:

Thanks for this video! This has become one of my favorite ways to carry my
2 year old!

inten1978 says:

ur very good … thanks for the vid…

CristinaPeter411 says:

I wrap and I’m good, but lady, you just totally killed it!!! Unbelieveable
wrapping job!!

Francesca Ria Selvaggia Mariani says:

you’re really good! thanks a lot for the video

jenbscott84 says:

SO helpful!!!!!!! Great video.

TheOligos says:

you are my hero i was thinking i was going to have to buy the wraping
instructions but you a life saver thanks

EmmyTK says:

@rikku0himura online stores mostly. has a good variety.

kristi560 says:

very good thanks!

Nicole Walker says:

Great Demo. Thanks

Esmeralda Provence says:

Thank you!

mwil1229 says:

You did a great job! =)

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