Nursing Baby Hands-Free in a Wrap – Front Cross Carry (FCC)

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As seen on, hands-free nursing in a baby wrap carrier. I show how to tie the wrap and how to position your baby for supportive nursing. I’m at the park and chased after my toddler all over while I nursed. You’ve got to learn how to do this!


이 승민 says:

:) Good job

src201012 says:

her baby cold roll off that bench. she was lucky he didnt. phew.

kyfromca1 says:

I love this…I have a stretchy MOby…seems like I never get it snug
enough to hands-free nurse. What are you using for material here?

Samantha C. says:

Hell on the neck and upper back

stefanierose88 says:

Awe this is wonderful! I cant wait to use this when my baby is born. It
looks like I will need to practice it a little bit but I’m sure once your
used to it it’s easy. I like how it it comfortable for the baby, hands free
for mom, and it gives mom privacy in when nursing in public.

src201012 says:


AutumnArnell says:

OHH I found this very helpful!! You explained this awesome, thank yoU!!

thankallahalltime says:

thenoblequran (Ctrl+Enter)

AutumnArnell says:

How long can you nurse in this hold? Like til what weight/age?

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