Newborn Wrapping: FWCC & FCC

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Newborn Wrapping: Front Wrap Cross Carry and Front Cross Carry. Note, this is the “legs in” version of these carries. I personally prefer “legs out” even for a newborn, as I do in this video with an older baby:
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Juveriya Bhutta says:

Great video! What kind, and how much fabric is needed to make this?

f1123581321345589144 says:

Thanks so much :)

fbexi1981 says:

Perfect. Thanks x

byron nine says:

using a baby would be great!! 

Torrey Moorman says:

Make these out of 100% cotton or 100% silk. Silk keeps you cool in the
summer, and both can be used sans shirts to cut down on laundry *and* to
make breastfeeding easier.

Jonathan McLeod says:

Wonderful. I have a newborn and this wrap is awesome. :) thank you so much.

Mizz Piggy Middletrese says:

Where do you get those things? I mean the blanket lol .. I wouldnsooo want
one :)

m0llvig says:

is this a stretchy wrap or woven? i’m thinking of just buying fabric by the
meter and making my own, rather than spending a fortune on a brand wrap.
do you prefer stretch or woven?

garay1989 says:

THANK YOU!!!!! 😀 Great wraps.

ncbelle78 says:

This one is a size 6 I think (4.5 meters or so). I can do it with a shorter
wrap but if I have a longer one, I just tie back around behind me (or in
front depending on the carry!). You can also hem it down if you don’t think
you’d use the length. The second one I show is better for pre-tying. You
can pre-tie the first but you would need to loosen it a bit and retighten
to get baby in properly.

sunshine.janice walker says:

Can u put baby laying down?

Bal3yl0ve says:

I absolutely loved this video! Thank you for showing an option for not
having to finagle a long wrap in the parking lot!

Chelle Addie says:

Awesome…. Best video by far

J Olisa says:

I love youre videos!

PaooPaooo says:

Thanks for the video! I’m using an ellevill wrap too, how long is this one?
I fear mine is too long… Can I prepare the front cross carry and put the
baby inside it after (for example if I have to go firstly by car) or it’s
better the second wrap? Thanks!

Nifty Nappy™ Cloth Diapers says:

what is your other channel? Thanks.

ncbelle78 says:

@AnechkaK7 It’s a size 6 wrap – 4.6 meters long and 70cm wide.

TheKrk1991 says:

I want to use this with my newborn, but I bought a woven wrap, not a
stretchy. Is it safe to do this with a woven? I was warned it might be too
much pressure on her feet when she is tiny…

jenn medina says:

The fabrics that you recommended, can they be found in a regular Joann’s
fabric store or will I have to order it online? Thanks for the previous

ncbelle78 says:

It’s Ellevill Zara Fresh 😉

Leidi Tamayo says:

what type of wrap r u using?… thanks..

YogiHanFitness says:

Thank you! Very easy to follow. The newborn tiger was hilarious.

Hamstertipstohelpu says:

How did I get here?

ncbelle78 says:

You can buy fabric at Joann’s but depending on your selection at your local
store, they may or may not have something perfect. carries
Osnaburg at a good price as well.

Laura Watt says:

Thanks NcBelle. I am helping a friend later this week and this is very
helpful. -your old bump buddy, cubits.

Maya Miller says:

Very informative

ncbelle78 says:

@TheKrk1991 I’m actually using a woven in the video 😉 You can definitely
wrap legs in – you do want to make sure that baby’s weight is resting on
her bum and not on her feet still even with her legs in the wrap. You can
definitely wrap legs out from birth as well though since the wrap will
bunch down to fit between her legs nicely. My preference is to wrap legs
out but to leave the cross passes bunched so they don’t force baby’s legs
too far apart. Need to make another video for that 😉

sparklehorse73 says:

thank you so much! i’m wrapping with a moby and was nearly in tears trying
to get it right….yours is the only video/instructions that made any sense
to me. we’re wrapped up snug and safe now thank you i can’t say how much i
appreciate it!!!!!!!!! :) <3

dramarama411 says:

thanks! i’ve been doing fwcc every day!

kmgrose123 says:

Uniquebabygear – try a calin bleu

ncbelle78 says:

Hi – Cotton Gauze and Osnaburg muslin are two frequently recommended DIY
wrap materials (if you want something that is more like a woven wrap). I
have more information on my blog about DIY carriers – my blog is linked
above – just search “DIY” when you get there as it won’t allow me to link
in comments 😉

Katie Robbins says:

What wrap is that??

KUCIRKA060102 says:

GREAT video, thanks so much for posting!

ncbelle78 says:

Sorry …only had a toddler at the time 😉 This one I made at the request
of a friend but didn’t have a baby handy. I have another on my channel with
a real baby that shows doing it legs out – which is my preferred way to
wrap a newborn.

ncbelle78 says:

This is an Ellevill Zara Fresh 😉

main80s says:

Thank you so much for this! My friend gave me a wrap she never used with
her baby and thanks to your video now I can use it with my newborn.

MyHumanLife2011 says:

but the tiger is cute O.O nonetheless

MyHumanLife2011 says:

i wish you would have done it with the real baby not a toy its not the
same, im going to be super scared when i try this if i do with my newborn

Jessica Lara says:

Where did yoy get your wrap???? Was it ordered from a specific website? I
love the color!

RKmarie2011 says:

Thank you so much for your video. It is very clear and easy to follow. I am
expecting mid May and can’t wait to try this out on a real baby instead of
a doll! Thank you again!

SweetNewBeat says:

fantastic video! thank you! x

Lianna Young says:


uniquebabygear says:

I live in a very warm climate and while stretchy wraps work nicely in the
winter months, I have to switch to linen or cooler lightweight cotton.
Problem is that I apparently left my wrap somewhere at the end of last
season because I can’t find it. Can anyone recommend a ready-made
“breathable” wrap that I can buy online? Thanks for the help.

jenn medina says:

What type of material would be good to use in the winter as well as the

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