Most comfortable wrap back carry

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NOTE: Be sure to use a woven wrap for back carries – not a stretchy wrap. Stretchy wraps should never be used for back carries.

I made this video when my son was 7 months old. I’ve learned a lot of other awesome back carries since then, but this one is still great if you have a long wrap and a wiggly baby. It’s a combination of the double hammock, double hammock rebozo, and back cross carries. It’s great for babies who try to lean backward or stand up in the wrap, and it’s easy on the shoulders. It does tend to be a little warm, so use a thin wrap. I’m using a 4.5m Vatanai. If you have a shorter wrap, look for my video on Double Hammock Tied at Shoulder.


Um Hawwa Cloth says:

+Akiki Reynolds yes you can do it with a moby wrap. make sure it is not a
stretch wrap. my hubby carries baby girl on his back when he is cleaning.
we tried stretch and woven/cotton wraps and the stretch was not very secure
and sagged. x

Natali Naden says:

Akiki, no, its not supportive enough. 

Akiki Reynolds says:

I have a silly question lol. Can I do this with a moby wrap?

Namilea LOTI says:

eeeehehehe he’s so so so cute!!

Baerchen Hasenfuss says:

FFS! Baby fell twice and I strangled myself. Good thing I am practicing
with a stuffed panda.

Drea Silva says:

I guess its not so bad for bigger babies??

Tyffie Rose says:

Im breastfeeding, does this technique work when engorgement occurs. 

David Saunders says:

How did you get your baby on your back in the first place??

Darcy Vawser says:

supermom! :)

Nayada Hanrojanakul says:

How long you use this woven wrap? I mean can a baby 12 months+ use this?

Jen Lushbough says:


Scopps94 says:

This is a very important way to wrap your baby behind your back, to keep a
straight and healthy posture after pregnancy.

Jen Lushbough says:


Nayada Hanrojanakul says:

How long you use this woven wrap? I mean can a baby 12 months+ use this?

Crystal Durnan says:

That wrap is gorgeous. What kind is it?

Brinksloves80s says:

Hey, do you start this like a regular DH or do you start on the middle
marker like a ruck?

okaygoodbye says:

Thanks so much! Trying to decide between a Storch Leo and Girasol.

okaygoodbye says:

What length is your wrap? Thanks for the video!

Kristin Emerson says:

Just a little, like you would with a regular double hammock carry. I
usually go about a foot down the wrap from the middle marker.

latitiko says:

Im new at wrapping i have the same wrap and i would like to have some
advice on how to use this wrap when you go out like to the mall. do u wrap
it at the parking lot? in the car? pre wrap this at home? I need some help

Kristin Emerson says:

That wrap is a 6 – you’d probably need a 6 or longer, depending on your
size. Since making this video I’ve also come to love the Double Hammock
Tied At Shoulder, which you can definitely do with a 5.

Sherita B says:

That baby is so scrumptious!!! :0)

Lgibsonscc says:

@NOISlights Hope this is some sort of joke. A BB is a useless carrier – not
good for babies of this size at all (or babies of any other size for that
matter), doesn’t position them right – all weight on pelvis, back arched.
This type of sling ensures baby is comfortable – if he wasn’t he’d be
letting his mum know very quickly.

Kristin Emerson says:

Hi! This video assumes you already know how to do the Double Hammock carry,
which is the carry that this one is based on (and it starts off-center like
this one). There are lots of great videos demonstrating Double Hammock – I
suggest learning it first and then trying this variation if you are not
finding it comfortable enough.

MARCO says:

What a pretty womman

emmaoh says:

Thank you! <3

Kristin Emerson says:

Hi! I usually just wrap in the parking lot, and if needed, double-check my
wrap job in someone’s tinted car window :). It is possible to wrap in the
car if it is raining, but it’s not nearly as easy.

Silver O says:

are you sure that baby is comfortable?

0ticky0 says:

thanks!!! I was loooking for a video. Finally I can practise with my new

Kristin Emerson says:

If you haven’t yet, try a Secure High Back Carry (there should be some good
videos). It starts off with a fairly secure pass that is knotted in place.
Great for wigglers!

Nora Kline says:

just curious to know why shouldn’t we do back carries with stretchy wraps?
i was thinking about buying the moby wrap. which one do you recommend

Kristin Emerson says:

Thanks for the review. This isn’t a good beginner’s carry. I highly
recommend beginning with a Back Wrap Cross Carry or a ruck.

KM Martin says:

Love this! I have an ultra thin wrap that I love for DH and this will be
perfect for it. Thanks!

latinalovebunny says:

Cute how the baby is just.chilling

Cindy Yip says:

Thanks for sharing. What size wrap are you using? Would you be able to do
this with a size 5 wrap? Your baby is such a chilled little munchkin!

PrettyCrappyUsername says:

How old is the baby?

Kristie Clower says:

Loved the video. I can’t wait to try this carry out with my Easycare when
my little man wakes up from his nap.

TheBzstudios1 says:

so… can i use this position on the moby wrap?? cause im thinking on buy
one, but the instruction doesnt show how to do the back wrap.

kiskodmonke says:

Thank you for making this video, I love it and so does my son :-) This
carry is really comfortable, from now on it’s our favourite carry too!!!
Most importantly, I feel that he is safe with this BC.

Jenrose says:

As snug as that is, you don’t really have to go over the shoulders at all.

TheDogpound99 says:

Baby is so cute!!!

Kristin Emerson says:

You should be able to feel the difference. A stretchy wrap feels like a
t-shirt – it will stretch easily several inches when you pull on the
material. A woven wrap feels like trying to pull on a piece of cavas – no
(or very, very little) give.

Isabella Lancellotti says:

What’s the diference between woven and stretchy? My wrap is made of 63%
Poliéster e 27% Viscosem can I carry my baby on my back?

Kristin Emerson says:

No, you cannot do back carries with a stretchy wrap like a Moby. You need a
woven wrap for back carries.

adamschaloff2007 says:

I can NOT get any of the back carries down. My son is 9 months old and I
have tried since he was born. When I get him on my back, he pushes off,
even when I lean forward, so that he’s in a sitting position…almost like
he’s riding a horse and I can’t pull the strap tight enough to get him to
relax with his belly against mine. Any tips?

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