How to Use the Manduca Baby Carrier in Front Carry Position with a newborn or infant

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This video demonstrates how to use the Manduca Baby Carrier to carry a baby in the front carry position witha newborn or infant. The video covers the steps to use the infant seat of a Manduca and includes various adjustments to ensure baby is in the optimal position in the baby carrier.

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ling v says:

Have you tried this product? Is it possible to bend the legs into the frog
position, inside the carrier?

BabySlingAndCarriers says:

Yes. It is possible. The Manduca is built with a deep seat that allows it
to fit much bigger children, there is therefore ample space for a newborn
to sit froggy style in the carrier. Generally, most newborns up to 8 weeks
prefers their legs tugged in. As their legs “straighten”, the legs will
automatically emerge from the carrier.

SuviTati says:

Many babies open their legs right after they’re born so the frog-position
is just the right way to carry them.

kladisss88 says:

i like the way how u put a baby inside … my little one got 11 weeks and i
will try ur way with my carrier :)

Rebecca Perry-Avdar says:

when they are this young, the legs should be in a frogged position. Putting
their legs to the side is not good for their hips. It’s too wide of a

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