how to make your own baby carrier – keep calm and carry them!

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You need:

2 fitted tee shirts
A belly band (or another tee)
(No sewing or measuring necessary!)

Cut straight across the bust, from underarm to underarm.
Put each loop on like a beauty sash, step into the belly band or third loop and leave it around your hips.
Grab your baby!
Sit baby in the cross and spread each band high and wide, ensuring knee-to-knee support and covering baby’s back.
Lift the belly band/last tee over baby’s legs and spread this horizontal band up and down to make a seat and support baby’s back.

FYI: Cotton Lycra/not too stretchy tees work best!


Carlos Drews says:

Brilliant! Thanks for making the world a better (and cheaper) place for our

clarissa rowe says:

Love this! Thank you so much for sharing! Took me 5 minutes to do!

Christina Morales says:

Loveeeee this… Great idea

Also a

Kylie Worthington says:

I used 3 shirts that were just the right size and its perfect!

dawny panida says:

Thank u so much. . .i will try^^

SkeyeU says:


Spongebob Squarepants says:

Would this be safe for my 2 month old baby? He is 12lbs

Namilea LOTI says:

awwwwweee!!!!! That violin is sooooo cute!

Chelsea Wybrow says:

I use a shirt in my size- not overly stretchy – as I want them to sit firm
against my body before I put baby in. I don’t recommend this for long-term
use or toddlers. Up to about 6kgs/14lbs, and as a gateway to a soft
structured carrier or to a wrap, not as a replacement for an everyday

Christina Ashworth says:

That’s genius! Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. I will be
telling my friends!

Sheila Garey says:

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

JFitness13 says:

Do you use a shirt in your size?

Clarisa Gonzalez says:

Lol! I am a violinist, I love the ” background music” your baby is making!
The carrier is awesome too! 

Carla Redondo says:

Does the size of the Tshirt matters? I mean, I am NOT an xs or s neither a
M size. I am L (hehe) so, if the tshirt should be tight enough, it means
for me or I can use a S size so it will stretch???? Thanks!

Megan Candler says:

This video seriously just made my WHOLE WEEK!!!! I have number two due in
3weeks and I can’t afford $80 for a new moby wrap so have been trying to
find the cheapest way to make my own and that isn’t easy either but this
video is perfect for me!! thank you so much xxx

Kris B says:

Awesome! Love this, would be a great breathable option for the summer!
Cheap too!. How old is your toddler, Just wondering about the age-weight
limit , but my 20 month old looks to be about his size :)

Sarah Anne says:

I cut up three perfectly fine shirts and did this. My baby sits wayyyyy to
low, at my hips. I am going to work on it a bit to see if I can get it to
comfortably fit him higher up :)

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