How-to Guide to Baby-Carrying

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Nearly all women here carry their babies as little bundles on their backs, and I thought it was pure adorableness that this girl was doing it with her doll, so I asked her to show me how to strap her baby on for the camera. She got a little confused, though.


ReneeK1980 says:


chuchuchie says:

this is just too much! totally adorable! ^^

leialove says:

Amazing video. Thank you for sharing!

Mr69Du says:

คุณแม่ยังเด็ก ฮ่าๆๆ

Ach Tak says:

sweet :)

straubhr says:

The little girl in the tan blouse is yelling “Tá vivo!” most of the time,
but there’s another phrase she says that I can’t understand, that’s either
mumbled toddler-talk or Sena (the dominant local dialect in the Mungassa).
The little boy says “Tá ali, capulana” (Look, you can see the capulana
[sheet of fabric used to hold the baby])and later “Não se pode pegar”(You
can’t touch it [talking about the camera]).

Kristine233 says:

Love it! It’s amazing how natural it is for even the little ones to tie on
a babe!

megruth says:

what are they saying to you?

asalady1 says:

that is amazing that she does it soo perfectly at so young. and damn those
have to be the cutest kids EVER!!


Wow this is so cute 😀

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