How to Carry your Baby Pain Free Post Pregnancy: Reduce Diastasis recti

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From Lorraine shows you how to carry your baby pain free post pregnancy which will help you to heal your diastasis recti and improve your post pregnancy posture. Reduce lower back and hip pain post pregnancy and carry your baby correctly. Heal your diastasis recti post pregnancy by holding your baby without swaying your back. The correct way to hold your baby post pregnancy at the side or in front of you.


Cleefton Gilles says:

Im 8 cant wait to havemy baby

bloemqueen says:

Thnx! Can you show us how to put your baby into his bed or take him out in
the right way? Or to pick your baby up from the ground?

PregnancyExercise Lorraine says:

Hi Melanie, thanks. I think the tupler technique is now a little out-dated.
I have a 12 week post pregnancy program that is up-dated every 6 months to
keep up with the latest information etc. I also don’t agree with binding
for more than a couple of hours a day, its not neccessary.

Melanie Masters says:

Great video! Thanks! What do you think of the Tupler Technique?

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