How to carry and wrap your baby on your back.MP4

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this is how to wrap a baby on your back african style!…great for when you need your hands for doing dishes, cooking etc….and baby feels close to you, hears your heart beat, sees what you’re doing, and usually falls asleep :)


RareEmerauld86 says:

I love the chubby baby!!!! <3 so cute!!!

Umm Basir Elaina says:

Hi Mojikat, Thanks for the video, I have a 3 month old boy that I wrapped
for the first time using you video today!!! I can’t seem to keep him high
after I’m done, what do you suggest?

Cachetona1973 says:

How much fabric do you use and do you just buy some none stretch cotton
from the fabric store?

AuntieMijeong says:

Thank you!

jsslvr says:

how young of a baby can you use this on? Love seeing babies like this!

Sarah Anne says:

I Love it! I am so going to try this with Aliyah!!!! Thanks Moji. Give that
beautiful baby a big kiss from us. xoxo

Mojisola Yai says:

beautiful! To keep him up, you probably need to tie it tighter, a lot of
people are afraid of tying in tight and end up tying it too loose… also
tie it while you are more up-right so that you really hold his weight. let
me know if this helps..

marcoyuliajessesmom says:

Love this

SpookyElectric777 says:

I just tried this and I couldn’t get the top part tight enough. I want to
learn to do this as I want to carry my girl around and still clean.

Mojisola Yai says:

yes, and you can also use a bed sheet… enough to wrap around yourself
with have fabric left

Ann Brown says:

Will this work w a newborn?

Nadia Bozarth says:

Thanks for posting the video. Just brought a wrapper back from Nigeria and
could not remember everything my aunties taught me about backing the baby!

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