how to carry a baby/toddler in a ring sling. Tips and tricks for making tightening easy and minimal.

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How to tame your ring sling! There are a couple secrets which make every ring sling easy to wear regardless of your size or your child’s size.

I am using an Easycare Rainbow no.1 ring sling with a pleated shoulder (converted by me). My child is 19 months old and approximately 11 kilos (25lbs).

The principles of threading and readying your ring sling are the same no matter how old your baby; up to the age of four months a tummy-to-tummy hole (as demonstrated) is ideal. After four months or when your baby has good head control a hip carry is fine.


MsBoxtet says:

Brilliant – very clearly explained. Thank you! 

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The sound is really, really quiet!!! It is simply unwatchable on my iPad.
I’ve had to blast my speakers on my computer to be able to hear it.

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