How to Carry a Baby Using a Sarong – DIY Now

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How to carry a baby using a sarong, just like the way they do it in Indonesia. The benefits to wearing your baby are a plenty, but most baby slings are super expensive. Here’s a simple, inexpensive yet effective way to sling your baby. Aisha who demonstrates later in the video is from Indonesia, and taught me how carry my baby daughter.





Chanel Choice-Iivonen says:

your baby is beautiful =)

Sharifah Ameer says:

Aisha did a better job but thanks to this video I can now wrap baby in a
sarong :)

Lovon Viola says:

I like the fact that I can go and buy some lovely material, cotton of
course, and it’s so simple.

Desire unDeaD says:

love this!! will make one for my baby boy!! *will help also for nursing
mothers!! Thank u!!

BananaManaTV says:

So glad you like it. Good luck on making yours!

BananaMana Films says:

Yes it’s really easy to make! Enjoy wearing your baby!

Fooliiable5 says:

So no knot is actually made?

BananaManaTV says:

So glad to hear that! Practice makes perfect. Aisha grew up in a culture
where all the babies are popped in slings, and even the toddlers are
carried around in slings when out shopping or doing house work.

mitzi deleon says:

Funny but helpful…

Fooliiable5 says:

@BananaManaTV Cool! And cute baby! :)

BananaManaTV says:

@Fooliiable5 It’s like a friction knot. I thought it would be very safe at
first, but when Aisha showed me how the weight of the baby keeps the knot
locked in, it made more sense. It’s important you use 100% cotton cloth. I
think anything that is slippery, will cause problems.

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