How to carry a baby on your back

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Rudolf Byker says:

Hmm, I wonder whether I could carry a (rather large) watermelon this

Cookieful97 says:

Whats the fabric x

GIGI100HYATT says:

oh wow that was easier than i thought.

Chaphatzy-bah Batyah says:

so much simpler than the other demonstrations i have viewed

babzc says:

that was great thanks for sharing.

IrishSeve says:

yeah for you!

ahzas says:

Hi! Great video, very explanatory. What type of fabric is it, and what are

33Sammi32 says:

My LO knows not to wiggle around when I’m getting ready to back carry her!
I think it’s because she’s so relaxed and content when I put her in a

Kerry Abeni Park says:

awwww soo cute!

edaluv says:

Im gonna try it today…do u think it will hold a 34 pound baby?
daughter is 20 mos but very tall..

emilycrazy4 says:

i can remember when i carried my bro on my bac

Dee Wall says:

XD….I feel you!!!

Maxine Quinnell says:

Like a boss! I spent most of my babyhood on my nanny’s back, just like
this, just going to go practice on my baby now!

hannahworthington says:

that is so simple and looks really secure! thanks for the vid!

Miikaika25 says:

women should be allow to wear these and take their baby to work.

LadyLibraNMore says:

I have always wondered how to do this! I think that it is the best way to
carry a child, keep an eye on them, etc. AND IT IS CHEAP & SIMPLE!!! :-)

kiambas says:

what a beautiful leso!!

9xprincess says:

i can’t believe you did that without help!! Your Good!!!!!!

SweetTwanni7 says:

aww so cute!

dans57 says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

T Plez says:

Keep the hands inside so the neck is supported sufficiently. Also, you
don’t wrap legs round your torso the way you do with babies of 4 or more

YouTreen says:

Wow! If only I had seen this video when my kids were babies! I would have
saved a bundle (no pun intended) on strollers and heave plastic carriers!

pumpkinmunky says:

i’ve been looking for instructions on how to do this for ages!!! thanx for
your video :)

PrettyCrappyUsername says:

Can you tie a newborn with this as well?

temon992 says:

this way of carry used from oldes african pepole in saudia arabia until now
. its helthy.

Mommyfish0 says:

You make it look so easy! I need help, I’m nervous of dropping my little
man getting him on. I tend to do mostly front carry but now I’m pregnant
and its getting hard with an expanding belly!

ximetmongrut says:

In peru you put the baby on the blanket, and then carry the blanket towards
your back, and tie the corners. Some people use a woolen rope to make it
safer, and shape a little chair for the baby.

Baby Talk says:

I can’t even make it from the bathroom to the bedroom without my towel
falling off, and that’s without a baby. Is it to do with the shape of my
body? I’m skinny with broad shoulders and a boney chest.

naijabebe says:

I so love this demonstration of mother and child bonding…Beautiful to
see, and the child loves it. My neice could not sleep unless she was
‘backed’, she would bring her cloth and say ‘backa-backa’. I used to love
this as a child as well. Lovely! Thanks for posting.

SpookyElectric777 says:

She made this look so simple.

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