How To Back Carry in the Ergobaby Carrier

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This Ergobaby video is here to tell you all about how to Back Carry with any Ergobaby carrier. All Ergobaby carriers have 3 Ways To Carry: Front, Hip, and Back. The Back Carry isn’t scary – try this video instruction guide and soon you will be doing the Back Carry all by yourself!

Ergobaby is the premium baby carrier & gear brand that every parent wants – the ultimate in comfort provided by the most ergonomic design. Best for you and your baby, with Ergobaby, you have 3 Ways to Carry: Front, Hip, and Back. It’s up to you. And with an Infant Insert, you can start using your Ergobaby carrier at 7 pounds all the way up to 45 pounds.

Ergobaby is the only carrier you’ll ever need.
Better parenting by design.

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bgatten says:

Was this designed by a chiropractor to drum up business? “Place the baby
on your hip. Lean forward and reach around your back with your opposite
arm to pull the baby around to the center of your back while simultaneously
grabbing the other strap to prevent your child from falling on his head.
Tighten the straps, say a prayer, stand up straight, and you’re done!”

Dottie Janowski says:

I love how they use a sexy man lol

airbrushbeautie says:

What is the recommended age and weight for back carry?

Queen of Lazy says:

I’ve watched this three times… still don’t know how to put it on. Hot
dad is too hot.

Davina Hawkins says:

Phewww sexy daddy wearing a baby ? What a keeper <3

Kristen Collins says:

Came for the tutorial… Stayed for the hot Dad!

peardrax77 says:

I need to borrow my baby’s bib!!! Totally drooling over dad!!!

edwinproxp says:

Agree, ladies!

HeylaniCreates says:

Step 10, Have an awesomely muscular body to manage all these maneuvers! :)

realFIN1SH says:

Best carry EU

libbyann721 says:

Totally cracking up at the comments. Great tutorial! Thank you! 

Ergobaby says:

Hi Tim, Thanks for your note. We recommend practicing at home over a soft
surface until you feel confident. You will be on your way in no time! Feel
free to head over to our Facebook page for some more tips & tricks for the
Back Carry. Thanks for your feedback.

NicoleLorky says:

Wow the daddy is SUPER distracting lol

Ergobaby says:

Hello Ireland, Many Dads love the Performance Carrier. However, may we
recommend the Xtra? We designed this carrier specifically for men with
larger, taller frames. We can’t link to it, but feel free to search for it
on or, where it’s exclusively carried. Hope that helps.
Thanks for your feedback.

IrelandVonVicious says:

These do not work for large men. Don’t be fooled by watching a guy the size
of a women do this.

tim yang says:

looks needs high skill to put on and take off. Do worry it might cause baby
fall out.

Ta nia says:

I love that they use a Daddy to demonstrate

babyfritz7 says:

Must he smile the whole time and distract me from actually watching how
this is done!?!?!

beckdorkable says:

Not only was this super helpful, because I had been doing it wrong, but it
was extremely enjoyable to watch – that is one handsome dad!

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