High Back Carry with a Tula Baby Carrier (Full Buckle Soft Structured Carrier)

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This is a demonstration on how to do a high back carry with the Tula Baby Carrier. I’m using a Standard sized Half Wrap Conversion made with Oscha Japanese Knots.

The sound is a tad off! SORRY!

Hope you enjoy!


Christa Alves says:

Is this a standard or a toddler size Tula? 

Cinnamon Hack says:

dang my son was 29 pounds at 9 months. My back is KILLING me holding my
chunkster! lol. I’m thinking about getting one of these. Where did you get

Reilly Posey says:

Do you have any videos showing how you rolled it up like that in the

irish maliborski says:

This is very helpful. I’m looking for SSC that I can high back carry. Thank

Shuree G says:

love that tula!

Nic Haworth says:

Love this video! I really want to put my 8.5 month old on my back but
didn’t know how…thanks for sharing.

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