Golden Eagle Snatches Kid

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A golden eagle tries to snatch a baby in Montreal! What if he got away with it!?
Un aigle royal attaque un jeune enfant sur le Mont-Royal!

UPDATE: This video is a hoax produced by Antoine Seigle, Félix Marquis-Poulin, Loïc Mireault and Normand Archambault, students at Centre NAD Details:

MISE À JOUR: Cette vidéo est un canular réalisé par Antoine Seigle, Félix Marquis-Poulin, Loïc Mireault et Normand Archambault, étudiants au Centre NAD. Précisions:


Gael Moreno says:

awww i thought they were gonna kill the baby

bichillocv says:

fucking bird have sent us to the bottom of the food chain

annacarainbow119 says:

Nope, I’m a small person, and now I’m never going outside again. Thanks

Ernesto Perez says:

Even though the vid is fake, a scenario like that is possible. An eagle
that size can kill animals bigger than that kid.

V77710 says:

0:27 ..dafuq just happened ?

Elisygen says:

This video was actually made with CGI. There’s a glitch in the wing at the
start if you look closely and also the kid floats in midair for a while
after being dropped if you look closely and pause it a lot.

Kira Podgwaite says:

the abduction of ganymede, in the flesh

Terelle Hardiman says:

This video is fake the creator came out in said it was fake. All it take is
a simple Google search. However I watch them on tv debunk it and show how
the video was made. Have you ever herd of the TV show “caught on camera?”
Well that’s where the creators of the video debunked it and told everyone
it was fake. So for you dumb asses who cannot think on their own and just
search the dam Internet to see if it is fake… here you go

tyler Kirk says:

I saw it its on caught on camera so its fake you know that show caught on
camera and you edit it and made the eagle and the baby

Rak Hit says:

Aw man too bad, it’s a fake. I was hoping to find a bird big enough to take
the wife… 

karla l says:

thank god its fake ,, its 3d design so we don’t need to be worry about this
too hun . lol

Jack Zappa says:

if that eagle was strong enough it could have taken that kid

Arshia Chopra says:


silversurfers7 says:

….A few hundred years ago, there were much bigger birds of pray around,
and children back then were carried off and with ease too! Check it out on
Google The Haast’s eagle this one went extinct around 1400 AD.

LanceCampeau says:

I called this video out as a fake the second I saw it…

It was supposedly shot on Mont Royal in Montreal, the weather clearly
indicates that this was shot in mid fall but the footage was only released
on Dec 18th. It’s an obvious fake for this reason alone. A stunning piece
of viral footage would have most certainly been uploaded immediately, not 2
months later. There is no snow on the ground and the grass is still
relatively green. There were no reports describing the event in the media
at all prior to the YouTube release date.

The video editing is excellent but not perfect; there is a noticeable speed
envelope mismatch in the flight of the eagle when it swoops around in the
approaching arc. Its brief, but noticeable to a trained eye.

If the creators had pushed the release date to the following autumn it
would have lent much more credibility to the footage.

piper scout says:

i love the accent when he say oh shit

showcase the albino tapez says:

It’s because big things take small things away to eat and kill.


You know, the thing about all these viral videos, is that people just
“happen” to be randomly recording while something crazy but fake happens.

The stranger says:

This is actually a film school assignment i.e its fake.I found this out
thanks to the fine bros.

Christe Rosetta says:

If you pause at 0:11, the baby dosen’t look like a baby…

Breanna Morehouse says:

It’s fake xD

Jason Street says:

Fake. if you notice in the background there is a unicorn

RayrayProductions Feltes says:

Thank God it’s fake!

Von Oliver Obmerga says:

Its fake. I saw it on the React.

SupahBoshi320 says:

Shoulda called this video “Babies can fly…proof!”

eltessy says:

It can be fake BUT in my hometown Placetas, Cuba a boy was snatched by an
eagle (?) in 1940, and dropped few meters away in front of family and
neighbors who were stunned….and after that everyone called the boy the
nickname “Pajaro-prieto” 

Ma$$GameKilla says:

its fake because eagles dont just decid to snatch a baby

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