[ENG] Donghae’s advice to Leeteuk how to carry a baby

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eli.TUNE says:

How much more charming can he be…. and I feel he’s gonna be such a great
dad! So affectionate, sentimental amd fun… ^^

Li Xuan says:

Awww the turtle is so cute~

Joyce Chua says:

Never have I wanted to be a stuffed turtle so badly. And was Donghae
singing Mr Simple while rocking the baby? xD This boy is too precious!

Marielos Plazaola says:

and… why is the baby Yesung? o.O okno xD

ana lucia segura says:

and thaaaat’s why he’s gonna be my baby’s daddy! i love him so bad!

Li Xuan says:

Awww the turtle is so cute~

Alyssa Anna says:

@MandyHime Heart is in the middle of our chest actually.>.>—

babybluelf89 says:

@cheycheyfriend247 wow!! Welcome to our world^^

sarahisonlineinhere says:

yes he is the best husband will be

DaN1s0InC says:

@iluvDongHae3 owh, when was this show broadcasted ? this year ?

MaryHyun6 says:

i wanna be the turtle!!!!!!!!

babybluelf89 says:

@cheycheyfriend247 lols, this is our saphire blue world of SJ and ELFs

Phoebe Conanan says:

hey you guys, i just discovered SuJu this month and i became so addicted.
Now, why are ya’ll saying that the turtle must be Yesung’s?

TokioTE says:

I am that Turtle!

szekatka says:

aw damn, if only i were that turtle… >.>

Piper Abrigo says:

@Jordgubbsmix ive been one for almost a month but now my life is complete 😛

2PMfanUpdates says:

@babybluelf89 oh i see ! thanks! 😀 i am new to SUJU

epikspirit says:

donghae is gonna be such a sweet appa <333 i love this ^^

fluffythepillow says:

@cheycheyfriend247 good to know ^-^

KiKi Hoshigaki says:


Angelic smileBaby says:

I like the way when Hae oppa can’t say out what he want to say…(from 0:01
– 0:04) SO CUTE <3 AND I want to be the turtle…. -.- What a lucky
turtle… :)

Samantha Tripp says:

I wish super junior would be on hello baby it would be awesome

ChocoLatteDay says:

according to Lee Donghae, when ur baby cries, u shud sing him some
Mr.Simple rhythm.. XD

phuntsho wangmo says:


sammibear E.L.F says:

Aww, <3~!!

yanyanzmusiic says:

awhhh… he’s gonna be such a great daddy… to my child XD *gets hunted
down by ELFs* joke, joke… we can all have his babies! 😛

fatbunny08 says:


simplejunior96 says:

I want to be that turtle..:)

bluelunatics58 says:

cute fishy!

Nhi Bui says:

where is eunhyuk??? The baby needs a father too

Solaria Moon says:

oh, I wish I was the turtle ^^

E.Laine H says:

Must’ve learnt all this for Hyukkie 😉

BabyBluELF9 says:

@cKatiePinGw its part of hello baby leeteuk and sistar

Maha1FanKpop says:


animeis4eva says:


DaN1s0InC says:

is it a show ?

Muzainah Nor says:

donghae oppa could be a good father for his children..! <3<3

Fatimah Haniff says:

anchovy + fishy = turtle???????

xxKpopKawaiixx says:

@Mali1042 hahaha i was just about to comment the exact same thing!! 😛

Mali1042 says:

Haha i am sure this turtle belongs to Yesung 😀

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