Carrying a Gun and a Baby

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Guy Fawkes says:

I come from the center of the gun culture world. My entire family is gun
owners, NRA members, gun rights activists etc. I showed this video to my
mother, and grandmother (whom is 94 years old) and they both sad they love
you and wish more people were like you :)
I’m locked and loaded 24/7, but like you, I also train as much as I can and
know how to be safe with a firearm. Firearm ignorance and the irrational
fear is more deadly the the gun it self in my opinion. I do not have kids,
I do have a nephew who is 9, He loves to shoot and is scary good. I started
at 5 with a single shot .22, me and my dad in the back yard shooting cans..
He started at 6 with an AR-15 shooting tannerite….(ohh America! Gotta
love it!) He got suspended last year for telling his classmates his dad
had bought him a shotgun for his birthday. They wanted to make him get a
mental evaluation, but my brother and his wife put a stop to that REAL
quick. (again irrational fear)
I can also tell you that if I did have kids, I would not feel safe with
them at school in this day and age, I would overwhelmingly want them to be
armed, even a little P22 or PPk would be enough that I would feel they were
safe. That is not a very popular idea, but I’m sticking too it!
My dad and I still shoot our guns at least 5 times a week together. It’s so
much fun, but when three grown men get shown up by a 9 year old? Can be
embarrassing lol.

Keep your guns loaded and eyes open!

Angela Joy says:

I’ll have my 3rd baby in a few months and I have always loved my Ergo.
That being said, a gun on the hip wouldn’t be so comfortable with the
Ergo. I was looking into the ‘sneaky pete’ case (either for an LC9 or
LCP). I am thinking I could keep it on my belt when I am just holding the
baby or he/she is in the car seat but I could transfer the case to the
waist strap when I use my Ergo. I am thinking I could do that because it
stays concealed nor do I have to touch the actual firearm to do the
transfer. Do you have any thoughts on this idea?

Christine Tocci says:

I love this lady! Keep us informed and keep up the great work!! :)

jamie5mauser says:

I’ve been CCW for 6 yrs and now have a 6 week old baby, still in the
carseat stage so I have been ccw on my ankle, but it doesnt really seem
handy in an emergency situation with my baby. It is important not only to
protect yourself form being a victim but your child as well. The sling is a
great idea! I also think that covering the childs ears in an emergency
situation is instinct, like a reflex

csaintvil says:

Great job!

Glide High says:

I just want to say that your video is very educational. Everyone should be
knowledgeable and prepared like you. Please, keep on making more videos. We
need more women involved in order to keep the second amendment alive in
this country.

TheBCSledder says:

amen to that

Robin French says:

@PhillipHammond No – just because I think something is ridiculous that
doesn’t mean I am anti it. I am not anti-religion for example (I think
religion is a bit ridiculous), I am not anti-toddler (I think toddlers are
ridiculous), I am not anti-Justin Bieber (I think his music is
ridiculous)… come on, use your brain before commenting.

Sig Shooter says:

I carry my 2 year old son in places while carrying my CCW. As long as you
know what you’re doing it is perfectly fine. I just hope I never have to
fire the gun with him on my side.

joe0709 says:

Kudos for taking the time to produce the video. He just can’t figure out
why he’s been loaded and ready to go bye-byes for 10 minutes
already……and still nothing, lol

John Booth says:

Thanks for posting the video. Very informative. You have a wonderful baby

dnnyshdy says:

Tell that to the family of the woman who got shot and killed by a woman,
who then kidnapped her baby.Look it up if you don’t believe me.You never
know when you might need a gun so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

johnmiles says:

But seriously, thinking you need to have a gun in your home is one thing,
but carrying one around at all times? Unless the mob has a hit on you or
something, that’s just paranoia. What, you’re afraid some minority could
jump out from behind the bushes and attack you at any moment? Not to
mention the danger of inadvertently shooting the wrong person in the
confusion of shots being fired. And all the sudden you’ve just made the
situation multiple times worse instead of making it better.

chenhcandy says:

Thanks for your video! It helped me so much even though I’m not a mother,
sometimes carrying my nephew I didn’t know how to carry my glock at the
same time! It is how I carry my glock now as I haven’t been able to find
thigh holster! Thanks for such helpful video!

Alex Hopkins says:

Good, then don’t carry. Its my right!

kakasolid says:

very good!

TheBCSledder says:

where do you get that statistic anyway? either that is some twisted thing
for propaganda, or that is from a group of unbelievably incompetent people.

Cranque says:


Cuchulain007 says:

@MistroJoe Not less of a risk being in danger but a greater risk becoming a
hostage. Who’s the best hostage? A parent and their child. Just because
someone has their child in tow does not mean a person should go unarmed to
the public. Why give the criminals the upper hand? The deck should always
be stacked in your favor. It improves your chance to survive.

thealize808 says:

what model is your wilson?

HJP110987 says:

Hiw did you carry while pregnant?

young lion says:

Why the hell does this lady need to carry a pistol around with her all day?
How often does she intend to shoot somebody? WTF

punkrocka1839 says:

You seem like a very caring and protective mother. Your child is lucky to
have a mother like you. By the way I love the wood grips on your wilson
combat 1911, that has to be a nice gun. All i have are houge rubber grips
on my American tactical FX… which loves to eject brass in my face :(.

ZS6JMP says:

A woman of substance is the rarest thing on earth.

drewhon says:

Great Job Mom…..

dnnyshdy says:

That’s BS

308Sharpie says:

You got yourself one more sub. Thanks to The Firearm Blog

losunimo88 says:

ahh so cute!


Thumbs up for best mom on youtube award!!!

toe knee says:

Wrong. The study you are most likely referring to took place in 2009. It
was done in a high drug traffic area in Philadelphia. Most where in
possession illegally. It is a bogus study. Don’t carry if you choose not to
but know that you have no idea what you are talking about.

dnnyshdy says:

You’re husband is a lucky man.

Dickeythorsen says:

@MistroJoe so explain your theory again so my ignorant self can
understand…… being defenseless is safer? I’m sure Lima isn’t playing
dirty harry with her son on her hip!

Amber Baker says:

This is a good video for mother’s who carry and to anyone who is a child
care provider who is a ccp holder thank u. And to the “non anti-gun” person
what about those which have been raped or attacked they would want to
protect themselves plus if their health wont let them defend or protect
themselves think before u judge

TheBlueManChoo says:

The grips on the firearm are GORGEOUS! And a good video with an amazing

Walker Dauber says:


Anna Miller says:

y would you carry a freaking gun with a baby in the first fricking place

Pokemon2014 says:

it looks like the baby is jealous that his mom gets to play with the gun,
not him.

Matthew Wade says:

That’s a big ass 1911, wouldn’t you want something a bit smaller for daily

Shannon Campbell says:

Thank you sincerely for the education. So many women are carrying these
days and this kind of support is very much needed. My wife suggested we
consider adding it to our website which still needs lots of work. Again
great job on the video.

dave091790 says:

it’s not about feeling safe, it’s having the tool their if you need it to
defend youself. and I’m happy you never had to have a gun to defend
yourself and the reality is that no conceal carrying gun owner wakes up and
thinks oh imma need this today or ill have to kill someone, but bad things
happen to good innocent people everyday and I stand by the decision to
defend yourself and not become a helpless victim.

Tee Jay says:

soccer mom wit a gun… lucky kid

sigmaoverglocks says:

I love this video keep up the good work. Its helpful for men also.

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