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Wrapping a little baby on my back with legs out in a back wrap cross carry. I show how to place baby over your shoulder, and also how to place the crosses of the wrap over baby’s shoulder while wrapping.


Crystal Gwinnup says:

Such a cute baby! She makes me smile!

Carebear Dana says:

Great tutorial. Thanks!

WrapYourBaby says:

5 months is a lot squirmier than a younger baby! Also, this is new to both
of you. I advise that you play around with him putting him on your back and
making faces in the mirror, without using a wrap. Just to get him used to
being up there. Secondly, you can practice the carry with a doll, or
something heavier like a big bag of pet food. Then when you do try wrapping
him up again, you will both have more practice!

WrapYourBaby says:

Back Carries should always be done with woven wraps as a stretchy (knit)
wrap is just not reliable in a back carry, and since you don’t have eyes
and arms behind you, it can be dangerous. Hope this helps!

Adam Davidson says:

Babies bum could be better positioned (should be lower then the knees)

Sarah Winslow says:

Does this need to be done with a woven, or can you use a knit?

MrsWife83 says:

Would you class a moby wrap as stretchy? I’ve just purchased one and I like
the idea of wearing my girl like this!

WrapYourBaby says:

A Moby is stretchy, and should not be used for back carries. If you can get
your hands on a woven wrap, go for it!

Rose says:

You make it look so easy! I have tried a few times with my 5 month old son
but he is so squirmy. I can’t get it figured out and I’m afraid of dropping
him. Any hints for a squirmer?

Monica says:

My baby is 5 months almost and every time I try this she thinks it’s funny
to do baby push ups on my back!

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