Back Carry your baby in the ERGO (wear your baby)

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smukothegr8 says:

The grin and little wave from your little lady at the end was absolutely
precious! Thanks for the help!

Volchitsa says:

Thank you! It works! Now I have to try it with lots of warm clothes on…


Thank you for your sharing.It’s really useful !

Nura Afshani says:

Cutest baby, love your carrier attachments

Jennifer Oliva says:

She is so adorable!

Linda N. says:

Your baby is super adorable! What a cooperative model haha

malimishcom says:

great video! we sometimes carry our 35 lb 3 year old on our back with the

mrslieselphillips says:

She is too cute to handle. Also, this is way easier than I thought! I’ve
never back worn my 16 month old, but I must. She’s getting too heavy to
chest wear.

April Campos says:

Thanks! Very helpful! Where did you get those adorable teething pads? Mine
are just plain white.

HeatherH1005 says:

Thanks for the helpful video… gotta say I like the back carry, but for
bigger women, DANG! Probably the most disgusting my body has ever looked
in, well, anything! I’ve got a huge fat roll oozing out over the tiny belt
strap AND out from under it. And my giant postpartum boobs are all squeezed
down under the chest strap into a disgusting mess! Let’s just say I hope no
one, including my husband comes to the door while i am doing this!

Emily Chappell says:

Ummm….this is so cute.

boxcarwilly says:

Ahhhh! Her little wave at the end! So cute. Thanks for the video. Very

Chantal Shelstad says:

Thanks! This is great!

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