Baby Slings – Mod Mum – How to Wear a Baby Sling with 3-6 month old

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A guide on how to use a pouch style baby sling in the front carry position. Directions for infants from 2 to 8 months.
This carry can be used once your baby has the neck strength to hold it’s head up.


shelley scheibel says:

Very helpful video! ModMomMaternity online is excited to offer baby slings

LaNanixChula says:

i just purchased a used baby sling, but i had no idea they had to be a
certain size. I went on to the Manufacturer site and according to their
sizing chart it is the right size for me. But i dont feel comfortable,
would it be safe for me to to take in a piece and sew it to make it shorter?

iamapaininthebut says:

I have to be honest… I feel like a tard for having to google this, lol.

Radie Steig says:

Now I can use my sling with confidence, thank you so much for making an
extrememly helpful tutorial!

Allyshia Marie says:

Just got my baby sling 😀 So excited to use it when bub is born <3

modmum says:

Wonderful! So happy I could help! Thanks, Lisa

greendevil121 says:

how to use it when baby is sleeping

modmum says:

It is a size small sling. I am happy to help if you need.

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