Baby Slings – How to Wear a Baby Sling with an infant- Mod Mum Baby Sling

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psimazombiesokillme says:

How many yards of fabric would a sling like this need

Mai Vang says:

Idk…somehow it doesn’t look safe to me…

pamela gunter says:

could you show how it would be possible to breast feed in this time of
sling. So far I only see a video for breast feeding in a ring sling

otomodachifan says:

Can I use this to cradle my arm?

Sheldon kranendonk says:

Great wife got one of these for our daughter but i have been
wearing her in this and am happy to see a nice tutorial.

SimplyCecileP says:

omg baby is soooooo cute!!!

Allyshia Marie says:

That baby is so adorable :) Makes me want my baby girl here faster!

xummiecai2012 says:

great..very easy and tutorial…

jldowning says:

I got a seven sling as a gift and wanted to know how to safety use it
first.. Thanks for the great tutorial! :)

JenBird says:

Finally a tut that is clear!! Thank you!!!

luzleortaleza says:

thanks a lot for the tutorial,it explains clearly :) i have this for months
now and I dont use it cos the manual does not explain it properly..much
better with the video..

modmum says:

@tallerjen Thank you for the great feedback!

Carla Hoffman says:

Thank you so much for this clear tutorial and making sure the sling I got
as a gift didn’t go to waste. =)

Codename: Nycea says:

I got one of these as a gift and the instructions were really weird! Thanks
for the tutorial!

jbarth102 says:

Finally a great video and an exellent product, we LOVE MOD MUM!!!!!! If you
don’t have one get one, they are great!!

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