my baby’s first step

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Jackjack44jack says:

Whenever im feeling depressed I just come watch this video and it makes me
feel so much better

Punk Rock Penguin says:

She definitely has conviction to walk, that’s for sure. Cute tries.

Clint Graham says:

what a beautiful baby girl you have! :) She’s totally making me smile! Awww

John Doe says:

how old is she? my daughter just turned a year old on the 17th and she cant
walk yet, barely can stand for a couple seconds before falling

Shaniah Boggans says:

I agree

kyalimpa Sanyu says:

wow so sweet

Jada Leary says:

this is so inspireing my babay cousin who I spoil just took her first
steps had tears in my eyesb

Marie Morrison says:

So cute congrats :-). I really hope those earrings are fake and you didn’t
pierce her delicate baby ear with a piercing GUN

Grace Willetts says:

So cute she’s a cutie

swincnik says:

so young and allready with the earings?

jaba kiladze says:

So cute

DaGamerGirl310 says:

So cute

OYLkaren2 says:

So sweet!!!

Sliickz Tempo says:


SrananKing says:

So cute :)

Andrew Brower says:


Sreeraj Varma says:

so cute

Ian Sullivan says:


Denise Carter says:

It sound like she said no way so cute

Mason Raymond says:

damn ur daughter is much sexy me and my paki brothers will fap to this
video together as family 

Sandra Moore says:

Bless her heart, she is so cute. How old is she?

Lily Lucero says:


aden + anais says:

Remember this moment? 

Ben Sawyer says:

Nawwwwwww :’) but has the baby got an ear piercing? xD

invaderzara223 says:

Awww 😀 my little cousin Greyson is 1 year old and 2 months and HES
WALKING!! btw she is SOO CUTE

Ditch says:

I agree :)

Domonique Alexander says:

Oh look at her talking! Congrats, she is absolutely beautiful!

KawaiiTigerXBOX says:

@ILIKEBABYDICKZZ Lol Your a idiot who just cares about sex, really? You’d
fuck a baby? God, If I was president I would have all rapists get raped by
black men.

TheRushman2112 says:

She is so cute! I smiled so big she she started breathing hard, and when I
thought I heard her say “mommy”. Wonderful video, beautiful baby!

startrad3r says:


rhee 23 says:

this is unbelievably cute

litojonny says:

umm yeah wana keep her away from the glass.

luka andguladze says:

Oh my god! So cute

wmarlo9sbc says:

Awww she’s soo cute

Me Mian says:

now that’s worth a million likes :)

sam21nyy says:


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