Identical Twin Babies First Steps

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Orlagh Timon says:

Awwwwww so cute´╗┐

unihiroko says:

They are sooo cute!!! Our twins just started walking, too. They are so

AKILAH388 says:

got them mixed up

Headbandsz says:

“fuck the walking, LETS DO BREAKDANCING!” she says;)

Mahsa Yavari says:

i have a identical twin sis too, but my mom says i took my first step 1
week after her :) they r cute, may god bless them

Chloe Wells says:

it would be funny if gracie just jumped on her’ :) in a cute way

Alyssa Jed says:

my favorite is Bella. Gracie is cute too

Ashleigh Mulamula says:

Cute babies

bradpenguin867 says:

they are so cute …so how old are the twin now…..

Soulless kit says:

3 – 5 somewhere around there

Ash2win4 says:

Lucky mom & dad !!!!!!!!! You are blessed with such a sweet hearts :)

ur60x says:

0:10 classic.

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