Dave Ramsey Live 7 Baby Steps

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This is a great, quick, overview of what Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby steps are all about. Easy info to understand and hard to apply but it works! We have been following these principles for over 10 years now and though not perfect have been a huge blessing for us. I hope this gets you started on your own Total Money Makeover and possibly gets you connected into a FPU class and financial freedom.


Dave Smith says:

Come on guys take the fight offline please. 

Dave Smith says:

I’m having great luck using YNAB budget software. More info here

Leighla Claiborne says:

im on ssi if i should have savings they would cut me off right quick. can
i skip step 1 and go onto 2 b/c it is the only one i can do

MsMaxinejoy says:

Funny, I have a neighbor that wants me to purchase timeshare. Good thing
I’ve found out that they aren’t the thing to purchase, per Dave Ramsey. By
the way, neighbor is having difficult time keeping up with payments!

Belinda Merrill says:

I have to say I found this very interesting. People have been telling me
for years I should not have paid off my home because I no longer get a tax
break. I knew in my gut it was the right thing to do. I’m so happy someone
is finally telling people why this is beneficial. FYI I’ve been at step
seven for six years and it’s a wonderful way to live life. Best of luck to
everyone and hope you all each your goals.

JUPITERLIGHT INC Proverbs3130Ministries says:

Evangelical Christian’s got it down! Let’s bow down and worship at the land
of the FICO score! God provides, Credit Card company’s are crooks. Get an
American Express and pay at the end of the month people.

0O00OO0O00OO0O00OO says:

Can someone explain to me what Dave is saying at around the 32:22 mark ?
Invest $2000/yr maximum in ESA, up to a total of $18000, but where is he
getting x2 and 36/36K from ? Everything is so fast and confusing and
there’s all these acronyms flying around (speaking generally)

Maxine Edwards says:

This Friday, I will have over the minimum amount for emergency funds. I
will implement paying off the smallest account, and roll it to the next
account. Seems like a better plan than paying all over the place…

Blufea 74110 says:

…There is no way I could come up with $1000 in one month. Im on basic
bills right now and paying my dads bills too. I have maybe $20 to $25 left
over at the end of the month after mine and my dad’s meds and car payment.
Can’t really buy cheap grains for less expensive meals because we are all
diabetic. i only make $9 an hr. I’ve been job hunting for my field for 4
years, now. What to do?

wayne miller says:

Pretty impressive to be able to “squeeze” 5 minutes of useful information
into a 50 minute video. Nice performance, but is there a readers digest
version of this?



Dave Smith says:

Buddy – I suggest you run your credit report from 1 of the 3 agencies to
start. Then as you clean it up you can run it from the other 2 and confirm
the closed accounts are being reported correctly.

Weekly Telegram says:

Investing in a 401k is useless. It doesn’t work like dave says it does.
Why? Because dave doesn’t mention the psychological component of investing.
Most people are fine and dandy when the market is rising. But the first
bear market, they usually sell out at the bottom. It’s a known fact, the
great Magellan fund run by Peter Lynch had over 20% compounded returns. The
average investor in that fund made about 2% from a study. This happens with
every fund because investors do not understand markets and business. They
will never make money on things they do not understand. You are better off
paying off the house and getting a guaranteed return. Then you can invest
in stocks.

Erik Hansen says:

Thanks for sharing. I have his TMM book but always enjoy hearing and seeing
him discuss it. It really adds to the motivation.

Joxxer36 says:

so whats about people making 15k a year? 

Silverwing lz says:

Gettin’ Rich With Dave Ramsey! (not that i am, XD)

Dave Smith says:

Hi Sonya – Thanks for the question. Timeshares are often hard to get rid
of, especially if you owe money on it. If you can get rid of it and
eliminate the maintenance fee while you are on Baby Step 2 I would.
Regarding the insurance policy, don’t cancel it till you have a new policy
in place and underwritten, 8-10 times your income in 20 year level term
insurance. Dave recommends you do not mix investing and insurance. I hope
that’s helpful. 

Jordon Renn says:

I think Forrest Gump would have made a better metaphor then the gazelle lol

Brittany Branch says:

So what account do I put my emergency fund in?

frankolol says:

This is a good very good for people with homes but is there anyt other good
financial advice for younger people im from the uk and property prices
especially in london are unbelievable i save every month but at this rate i
wont be able to have a decent property until im about 30

firebrandsgirl says:

My economic professor begged us to get started when we were 18 in college,
but I kept putting it off until I was grown. BUt at least I started a while

bret combest says:

thanks for the upload. I love this program

Maria Montoya says:

Dave Ramsey Live 7 Baby Steps: http://youtu.be/bU7HEIs3IWw

Jessica Obrien says:

So how much are you suppose to start your child’s education savings with? 

Weekly Telegram says:

Great video but I have a problem with Dave Ramsey thinking people will get
12% on their money in a “Good Growth mutual fund”. Sorry, but most mutual
funds crash and burn. The only thing worth investing in is an index fund,
and those returns over the long term are about 7%. So no, the college fund
for your kid isn’t going to grow to $130,000, maybe to $50,000. 

Stone Law Firm LLC says:

Dave Ramsey Live 7 Baby Steps: http://youtu.be/bU7HEIs3IWw

m sparkle says:

Where is this 12% annual ROI found???? please help!

Ralph Deep says:

love the economics …..pass on the dogma of organized religion
…..great stuff

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