Cute Baby Gorilla’s first steps

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Uzumma, a baby Western Lowland Gorilla and mother, Amanda, and sister Calaya at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. A couple days shy of six months old, in outdoor public area. Female, Born 10/20/2007 HD source.
Produced by Ryan Hawk.
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SWLinPHX says:

Gorilla babies and human babies move almost identically.

Ufuk Ciddi says:

1:10 Hey, Why does this feet enjoy moving against my chin? Hmm, that is an
interesting feet. It reminds me of my own. Don’t worry, I wont leave you.

Squirrel! says:

SO sad she was born in a zoo. Breaks my heart. All animals deserve

OhYea1 says:

cute black baby!

Lisa Miller says:

Just in case you doesn’t have enuf cutes for today.

Minigolfer1963 says:

Great Video

Darling Sapphire says:

Again, what a lovely video. Mom and baby both confident each will do the
right thing. Hi, Amanda, still love you. Your beautiful face still

Pocket Sized Owl says:

Actually chimps, bonobos, gorillas, orangutans, and humans are all
classified in the family of hominidae, or great ape.

Chloe Collins says:

awwwww thats sooooo cute its just like a human its scary sometimes i wish i
could hang on my mum and dads arm lol xx<3xxx

zgenstru says:

@WarmongerWW3 hahahahahah

NuclearChickenPie says:

@popeyecb not technically true. we are in a sense, related to apes. but we
never were or are apes. we evolved from the same common ancestor as the
apes but the genes split off into different sections like it split into
humans and apes in different sections off the “gene tree” not apes then

mamby101 says:

No matter how bad my mood is, seeing a gorilla can always make me smile!
What magnificent creatures!

George Barbosa says:


David E Sanchez says:

Wow! these are some pretty amazing ANIMALS, that don’t have to do with us
humans… that’s why they are in a zoo… Who knew? LoL

Jerman93 says:

How cute

foyez5 says:

@5balenciaga Jack Johnson – Belle

Commander Shepard says:

I read that wrong…

ShaneD3488 says:

Well it doesn’t really take a genius to figure out we’re relatives. Only an
idiot would think otherwise. But then, the world is filled with idiots.

Ampnasty529 says:

Being a gorilla looks so cool

SabryJackson says:

i want him

tomyman says:

zoo sucks poor things =|

123bbqueen says:

Related search: Gorilla Mating. Ooh Gosh, here it comes

charmd87 says:

cutest thing ever

zefrenchgal says:

@WKaliberr ^^very witty indeed. What are you trying to do?

wasted42db says:

@foyez5.thanks a lot. seriously

allen01ism says:

i whent there a week a go whos that is that the one who moved to start a
new home?

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