CREATING THE BABY REGISTRY | Baby Steps: Cullen & Katie

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Step #12: Pick a gender-neutral diaper bag for mom AND dad. Team work!

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CREATING THE BABY REGISTRY | Baby Steps: Cullen & Katie


bamachick1101 says:

Y’all should have seen how many candy bars I tried to register for, lol.

Suzanne Light says:

Your necklace matched your wall background……just saying it looked
good! lol It’s so neat seeing ya’ll in Birmingham and watching ya’ll
everyday! You are so dadgum cute! Can’t wait to see that beautiful baby

BabyLeague says:

Time to register for baby, y’all!

Just Melissa says:

You know, I didn’t register for my daughter (who is now 9) but we plan on
registering for our next baby/babies. We are currently trying…how

Weswife1998 says:

I think you all should reveal your lastname so US viewers can order for you
all off your registery!

Kacianne21 says:

Nice sun burn Cullen. And i loved registering for clothes.

Claudia_xx says:

I can’t wait for your little lady to come ! you’re going to be such amazing
parents, like you already are <3

Patricia Paquin says:

I have the chicco keyfit 30 and just brought our newborn home and we love
it! Super easy!

AngiePants510 says:

Awww! Makes me wish I had recorded our baby registry when we had our first.
So cute and priceless learning all of those new things for the first time!
You two are adorable! Lol 

Mariah Maddison says:

If you are still looking for a good gender neutral diaper bag I would
suggest the jj cole satchel bag

Amy Van Dyke says:

Great job ad always, Cullen!! Love you both!

vm gibson says:

You should post the link for your registry! My favourite things to register
for was the playpen and car seat (and the most stressful! I did crazy
research on the car seat esp)

Lindsay Droke says:

Katie that ergo looks good on you!!!!! You will do great. Cullen so glad to
see a dad want a diaper bag so sweet!!! The bath thing that goes in the
sink makes a great place to put your knees when she is done using it in the
sink. It’s nice to put your knees on when she is in the big bath

scoobyrae1 says:

I loved my Itzbeen timer! It helps you track the last time they ate, when
you changed their diaper and how long they sleep. I always thought that I
would just remember that stuff but I underestimated how much sleep
deprivation made my memory fairly useless. HAHA.

Liv&Mell says:

Aww got us all emotional! So excited for you both!! ahhhh!

haleylovesShane says:

Dat swing is da bomb!!

MrsStuffcakes says:

What is the name of the swing that y’all were looking at (playing

BamaMommy5 says:

I had that gray diaper bag shown in the video. Loved it with the pink
lining. You should do baby item reviews when Gaines gets here. Those would
be fun videos. 

JusKissable says:

Even at five months we still use our MamaRoo and Love our Ergo with infant

WallaceFive says:

Yay for Babywearing stuff!! I LOVED my Moby wrap for newborn-12M and still
wear my 2YO in the infantino mei tai! She loves it too!

Kellie Hoyt says:

Ergo is the BEST carrier ever!!! 

Beth C says:

aww can’t wait to for this little girl to arrive, she going to have amazing

rebecca scherrer says:

Loved my galaxy grey original ergo

Karen Cowher says:

Chicco! Good choice on the car seat.

ally Haskell says:

I have been dying to see this.

Chloe!! says:

Can’t wait to see Miss Gaines 

paige woodard says:

I would suggest looking into other baby food processors aside from the Baby
Bullet. I work in a baby store, and have noticed that the Baby Bullet only
has a 90 day warranty, and that a lot of people have come back looking for
a new brand due to it breaking right after the warranty mark. My suggestion
would be to buy a good processor you know will last a long time ( if you
don’t already have one) and buying separate storage containers :) just a
little tip to help you guys out down the road! :)
Super excited for the arrival of your little one! 

Samesies Vlogs says:

Are you guys going to make your baby registry public so that viewers can
get you some of your things if they want? 

Isabel Aceves says:

Where did you guys register at? Because I’m planning on doing my
registering soon and that seemed like a good place.

Claudia_xx says:

Generally in europe (well at least in the UK and France) we don’t do,
organize or have baby showers but we darn well should ! because its all fun
and games until you have a kid to pay for x) it’s just that babies are so
expensive and it’s so much easier and allot less expensive if you have your
friends buy you stuff for you ^^ haha .. okay I’ll be quiet now :P

awake4eva says:

don’t forget the newborn insert for your Ergobaby carrier….but I’m sure
the assistant already told you that….We don’t do baby registers in
Ireland. The parents buy everything themselves. It’s defo a cultural thing,
but I couldn’t imagine asking my friends and family to buy us everything.
If they want to give gifts they are free to choose what they want to give
us, but we don’t expect it. You should check out the Stokke Tripp Trapp
seat….we’re defo going to get that :) we want our baby on our level for
meal times…our baby is due in October too….time is going fast now!!

Kenzi Ann says:

Why didn’t you do the travel system? 

Corbett Tyson says:

Great video

Rachel And Babies says:

How exciting!

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