Baby’s first steps interrupted by pooping dog | Babies and Animals | toddletale

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A monumental moment in every parent’s life is to watch their newborn baby take their first steps. If you’re lucky, you can quickly grab your camera and capture the wonderful moment on film! This mom and grandma watched as their baby’s first steps were interrupted by the dog taking a poop! The worst part, the baby falls right into it.


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Baby’s first steps interrupted by pooping dog | Babies and Animals | toddletale

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Fistwagon says:

First steps in life: Step in, slip and roll in dogshit. Bad omen.

vasyan123 says:

Story of my life

FirePhoenix says:

Dog: HA! Everyone’s in a good mood, time to strike… *poops* that’s for
not giving me a treat- dafuq is that baby doing- hahaahaaha I didn’t even
need to try and the baby goes towards the poop…

Brian Murillo says:


Tony Mora says:

Baby’s first steps interrupted by pooping dog | B…: funny

Wolfriee Wolf says:

I hate baby’s

youngnigerian14 says:

This is why I don’t want a dog

Tony Mora says:

Baby’s first steps interrupted by pooping dog | B…:

Rachael M says:

Why do you guys think it’s funny?

Reverend Wilhelm says:

Anyone else find this video after watching “How I Met Your Mother” and
looking for Barneys video of a “Dog pooping on a baby”?

Planet Urine says:

A boy can learn a lot from a dog: obedience, loyalty, and the importance of
going to the bathroom in the right spot.

Amanda Clark says:

Of course she lands in it…jeez lol!!

leesie1987 says:

I laughed like a maniac

Snuggle Bunny says:


Jesse Barron says:

perfect lol

Lewmew22 says:

Ha ha ha ha ha

colosamson says:

gross…but what can you say , dogs are our best friends right?

Elizabeth Heatley says:

She didn’t really care… (The grandma)

Claudia Gomez says:


CupcakeMarvelousSprinkles says:


Nefta valverde mayora says:
Olivia goalie says:

Ahaha she fell in it

Taylor Oakley says:


Seanie Mc says:


keatonx2 says:

Well, let’s ignore the fact brazilians arent’t the only tards doing it. A
lot of morons are doing such kind of stuff. I saw north americans, germans,
italians and others. :p

jusslook nahman says:

shaddup yer face …

Brett Goodrich says:

Yea I know same here

Lee Edwards says:

thankyou russell howard

Daisy Z says:


VinIsAwesomeXXI says:

I’m guilty the same show brought me here too

crazyhawk says:

Thumbs up if Hawks will win the 2013 Premiership :p

Lorraine Morris says:

OMG..They let her lay there for a few seconds?!? W.T.H?! Oh grandma that’s
not funny..That’s NASTY..Put the DAMN CAMERA DOWN…. (⊙.⊙(☉_☉)⊙.⊙)

TheHGBros says:

Haha she fell in the poop

Tinker Bell says:

and how were they supposed to know that the dog would poop?

dean reece says:

legend comment

anotherbookjunkie says:

“i’m sorry to be a racist but” what the fuck? no, i dont excuse you for
being fucking racist, you dumbfuck. yes, the comment was not necessary, but
you see a lot of annoying comments from all over the world, including the
us. god, americans like you are the reason why most of the world hates the
us lol and ‘not everything is about brazil’? gimme a fucking break, the us
is the country that thinks everything in the whole world is about them.

AngieGaga01 says:

funniest thing ever

TheNeonAngeL NeOx says:

Thats what the baby gets for no thinking right TROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!

michelleoreegan says:

The only word for this video is LOL!

Shogue says:


Flickyhecky says:

So the baby fell in some dog shit…big deal…all you girls moaning about
it should get a life!

sandybeachit says:

haha dito

Noni Hart says:

Too bad that Grandma doesn’t know about Brain Highways and how important it
is to keep a child crawling & NOT encourage walking sooner than later. No
wonder I dislike little dogs – that dog must have nasty habits if it so
casually takes a poop with no reprimanding alarmist owners. YUCK YUCK at
grandmas!!! Somehow I did not laugh at the poor taste of the adults. Baby
was adorable though!

Chris Hale says:

WTF?? And yet you spend your time watching YouTube videos???? Haven’t you
got a secret mission you could be getting on with? Real men like you say
you are wouldn’t boast about it!

Dizzie nemisiz says:

Russle howard brought me here lmfao

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